Activating/Selecting several layers at once


Activating/ Selecting several layers in the layer-window at once.

-Anybody know how to do this, is it possible?
(tried using the shift-key, but that doesn’t work)

That way it would have been possible do edit several layers at once. (It’s boring to edit 25 layers manually :frowning:



Depends on what you want to do to them. For some operations you can link them and the operation (such as a Transform) will be applied to all the layers at once, for other operations you can group them and apply an operation to the group.


Well, obviously with the painting tools you can only work on one layer at a time, that cannot be changed (it wouldn’t make sense).

But if you want to edit with Hue/Saturtaion, Levels, Colour Balance etc you can place your layers in layer sets and place Adjustment layers at the top of those sets, in effect editing a bunch of layers at a time. You can have a mask in the layer set itself too, if you need (be sure to set the blending mode for the layer set to “Normal” rather than “Pass Through” if you use a mask).

Also if you link a bunch of layers you can move and transform them all at the same time, as long as you don’t have a selection active.



But there is no way to select all of the layers at once right? Would have been great.

So this (below) is not possible I guess?


If you hold down ctrl and click one layer it will select the contents of it, if you hold down ctrl and shift after selecting the first layer and click on other layers you will be able to select the contents of all the other layers at the same time as well. Hope this helps!



But thanks anyway guys.



I think i saw an option for the paint bucket that says something like work on all layers or something… uh, i think that might apply to other stuff… but I could be wrong…


I know what you mean, but no, it doesn’t do it.

I think that Adobe left out the function as it would be very easy to make mistakes and never realize it.

Oh well… :hmm:


You can change font type, color, size, align etc all at once by holding de shift key while changing the parameters in the character or paragraph panel.
For painting, effects etc you can use ajustment layers or layers using one of the possible transfer modes.
For resizing and moving you can use linked layers or folders.
I use Photoshop a lot for compositing in AE, an belive me 25, 30 layers is nothing try 100 or 200, and don’t miss a single function in PS.

Just one actually an esear render effects layer :lightbulb

and for those who work with dv or video you can check a set of action that i made for PS7 in my site

See Ya!


It was 25 out of 100-200 :slight_smile:

I never tried editing several text-layers at once though… got to try that one…



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