Action sequence required for previz exercise on MA Directing course


Hi, I am the course leader of the MA Directing course at the University of Westminster, London, and we are seeking a C4D Animator to work with the emerging directors on an action previz exercise.

Firstly we need a C4D animated sequence to be constructed, a sequence of a car chase and crash – or similar mayhem. It does not have to be of the best detail. The cars, characters can be the free models available - I have some which would do. So there’s no modeling involved really, just the animation skills and vision. The quality being sought being that of a storyboard quality. Aside from the sequence, we’d also want to involve the Animator, in the exercise as a visiting lecturer and guide.

Ideally the sequence comes with one camera view, the Editor camera. We would then work up screenplay pages for the sequence to layout the action in scripted from. The MA Directors taking this would then determine with guidance from the Animator and professional directors, where they would place up to 8 camera set ups, be they static, panning, tracking etc. The shots would then be rendered out as QuickTime files and be put together with a professional film editor. We would then all review the cuts.

More detailed work with the Animator could involve pushing the action, basically refining and enhancing the action and drama of the scene. Ideally this would be done in conjunction with a Stunt Arranger, who could talk through this prevized idea in terms of on the ground practicality, CGI aside.

During the course of the module in which the sequence is to be used there will also be seminars from Stunt-Co-Ordinators, Special effects Supervisors and Visual Effects Supervisors from two of the prominent London CGI houses.

If this sounds of interest to you, please do get in touch.

Best wishes,

Malcolm Mowbray
Course Leader
MA Directing: Film and TV
Westminster Film School
University Of Westminster
Harrow Campus, Watford Road
Northwick Park, Harrow HA1 3TP
t: +44.20.7911.5000 x4775


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