"action" male character


this is my new character, he is around 2000 tri’s.
I don’t know certainly what he is, but he is from near future.
I’ll be glad, when you post me some comments.


The hands seem a liitle small (it is probably the camera angle) and also he looks segmented, Did you weld any unwelded vertices. It looks great, he could probably play in UT2K4…excellent proportions too (I assume you used reference). I am still trying to learn how to make game characters…

Can I see some wireframes and a possible close up of the hands? They seem very small to me…


Looks pretty good, but the legs and crotch area could use some definite work. His legs seem both a bit too long, and too thin. Heheh, and from his pose, it looks like he’s been riding a horse too long :smiley:


Yeah you are right, I used a reference image.
Here are wires you want:

What do you mean: segmented? I’ve used smoothing groups.
I will fix the crotch, he realy look like he rode a horse.:slight_smile:


I’ve started with texturing
small update:


another update, all parts are texured, but they need some work,
If you have some advice, please post reply


So here is the image with front,left view and texture sheet:


Awesome model man! It’s clean, and I absolutely love the look.

But… where did his nose go in the last pic? :stuck_out_tongue:


Just like to make a point. I see alot of people on different post sites criticizing anatomy. If the anatomy is way off sure, go ahead and criticize, but if it is just a matter of preference let it be. Don’t say something about a piece of anatomy if it isn’t way of because nature comes in a million different shapes and sizes. If everyone only sculpted michealangelos david the world would be a pretty boring place. But it isn’t Fat tall short and small, it is the inadiquacies and imperfections that elude to character and make us human. So especially for those of you out there that are always pushing the envelope of realism. No one in “real life” has perfect anatomy.


He seems a little generic. I’m not sure if thats what you’re going for, but he seems to be lacking character.

He’s really clean, too, which helps add to the generic-ness.


Not bad, but does the texture map need to be that big? :shrug:


to Littleberu:My fault, I’ve already repaired it, have a look.

to Ghostscape: Yes, you are right, It’s generic character (even name of this thread is generic:) ) and it’s because of scenario of my next freeware game, that isn’t finished yet.
I will add some details on map, when the scenario will be fully confirm.

[left]to Oldbean: Yeah, in app we will use smaller map, but when I paint, I rather use 1024x1024 maps, It’s more comfortable.[/left]


That’s just me but I would give him something subtle to differrentiate him, give him personnality like greying temples or a handlebar 'stache.


i like the clean rubber look of your character. overall it´s a good start - with some changes you can raise your quality much more…

  • some edgerows seem for nothing. try to give every vertex a sense. if he lies between a clear line, than kill him or push, pull, so he defines the shape.
  • your texturemap needs contrast. dont be to careful. subtil folds make not much sense, if nobody will see them. nobody will see your painted hair from a distance - it will be just a brown tone.
  • what is this on his legs? are this belts, which divide the parts of his trousers or something else? it´s hard to make it out - try to make it clear, if belts, then you can paint in buckles…
  • his face is okay, just bring in some more colourtones to make him lively. some red on nose and jowls, his forehead could be brighter, there will most of the light shine on normally, his chin could be darker from the five o´clock shadow and you can define his cheekbones with a darker tone.
  • the face is very neutral, you can give him a facial expression - it will help to give him more life.

the characters of timesplitters have a similar style, maybe it will be helpfull looking on some screens of the game…


maybe not enough contrast in ur Texture.


Looks good except his legs are way to wide.


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