Action Anime, Lek Chan (2D)


Title: Action Anime
Name: Lek Chan
Country: Malaysia
Software: Photoshop

Gigantic monster, school girl, sailor uniform, panties

“Where is the weak but hot-blooded boy character?”
“Blah~ who cares”

Workflow can be viewed at

C&C are most welcomed.


oh god ! real good stuff and i love the coloration !


Strong piece! A giant rabbit, a little fan service, lots of detail, very tight technique!


hehe, well done Lek, you captured the essence of a lot of anime shows.



good job~ i like it


djudju, Ghotire, bobtronic, lucaliang,
Thank you all for the warm and supportive comment. this piece took alot of my time. there are couple of mistakes here and there but i was too impatient to work on the same piece for too long. Hope to improve more on detailing and speed next round.
Thanks again.


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