Acting exercise - would love to receive feedback and suggestions :)


Hi fellows,

I just finished this exercise that I proposed to myself (tough one to me).
I would love to receive feedback :smiley:

hope you enjoy!


Cheers! :smiley:



Awesome shot. It looks really good and I’d be really pleased with myself if I animated something that level.

Here’s some feedback.

I know they’re running and it’s important to get the up and down feel as they hit the pavement but it feels like their heads are going up and down too much, like it’s hard to read their faces properly.

Also when the guy has his outburst the female character stops jogging kind of like she was expecting the outburst, anticipating it. Might be good if she stopped more abruptly.

But yeah, you’re acting choices and expressions are really great. :applause:

Just my opinion, cant really spot anything ‘wrong’ with it. :thumbsup:


Hi Grace!

Thank you for your reply! :smiley:

The jogging really made my life worst in this exercise, I tried some approaches, but I only was able to make work like this. Is nice to know that this is a little annoying. You are right about the girl stop. My intention was to show that she don’t care too much about him freaking out, but she stops a little early like you said.

Thank you very much for all your feedback!



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