Acting Challenge #3: Post Progress; Deadline Nov. 27th


Welcome to another Acting Challenge.

This challenge is a little different then the last ones. There are now two topics to choose from so if you dont like one then hopefully you will like the other one.

The topics are…

Loses at roulette

Exercise gone wrong

The deadline is in two weeks, EDIT: CHANGED TO DEC. 4TH.

The rules for the challenges are located here

We need to find a board moderator to make the challenge and the rules sticky. Anyone friends with one?


The topics sounds great :slight_smile:

I really hope I could work on this one, i’ve got alot to do this month

I’ve modeled a roulette for this challange, And i’ve desided to share the model with you guys so you could focus on the animation instade of props

Enjoy :thumbsup: (click the image to download the file)


Is there a time range for the animations?, I mean, a minimum and a maximum admited?

I´m thinking about doing and “exercice gone wrong” animation, something between 10 to 20 seconds long.


Thanks for the model Amir! It looks great! You work really fast, seeing how the challenge has only been going for a day.

Orginially quoted by Goig!
Is there a time range for the animations?, I mean, a minimum and a maximum admited?

I´m thinking about doing and “exercice gone wrong” animation, something between 10 to 20 seconds long.

There is not a time limit for theses challenges. Make the animation as long as it needs to be. Dont get carried away though, you only have two weeks to complete it. The animations i have been turning in have been around 5 and 10 seconds.


Ah Sweet Amir!

im loving the community vibe!

hopefully i can knock out some thumbnails tonight :slight_smile:



Thanks for the roulette Amir!! You’re setting a great example for these challenges :slight_smile:

Ok, here’s what I have so far. I’m starting to use Jason Schleifer’s grease pencil script more.

Here’s a very low quality gif too.

I still feel like I need to work on the timing a little bit. My next pass on the rough will include some breakdowns to get a better sense of the motion.


Wow, two updates in a row. Just in one of those moods where I don’t want to stop animating.

Rough with Breakdowns

Those markers you see outside of the resolution gate is a way for me to know what kind of pose I’m looking at.

Hmm… going to add more frames in some of those poses between frames 1-17, it’s going too fast.


The timing looks good SirRon. The composition is very good!

I hope to post some keys tonight. I really would like to use Amir’s roulette model but i am doing exercise gone wrong. I got a good idea and i have to do it. Ive been wanting to animate LowDog and i found a reason to!


wow, sweet job so far…its good to take those steps…(im a bum) but yeah, the camera angle seems odd to me. I would place him more up close and personal so the viewer can focus on teh animtion instead of the roulette table… and so you can really feel his frustration!! Maybe a exaggerate a bit more in the poses too. Thats my opinion anyway :slight_smile:


Cool work sirRon! nice to see people using grease script. :slight_smile:

I should have my thumbs uploaded tonight… God willing… :confused:



Ok, here are my thumbs if this linking buisness decideds to work out :/…

the camera angle is not what ill be using in the actual animation. let me know what you guys think!

not sure how obvious whats happeniong is mind you :stuck_out_tongue:


Well he lifts the bar then the weights fall off. That’s what I see.

I don’t know, seems kinda plain. I’m sure you can get something more creative in there. What if he made an effort to keep the weights on, so you’d see him weave in and out of the camera to keep everything balance while keeping the bar up. But since that takes much more effort he starts to get weaker so he lowers the bar more and more, while trying to keep the weights on. :shrug: Just a thought.

As for my animation…starting over from scratch… I think minimum there would be 2 main key poses.
1- the anticipation of seeing where the ball lands
2- the reaction of losing

of the two poses I want the anticipation to be the one pose that everything hinges on.

I’m still going to have some more keys, but they just help reinforce those two main ones.

Let’s see if I can answer the question that Ollie Johnston keeps taped on his desk. “What is the character thinking and why does he feel that way?”

He’s thinking of winning … thinking about his life. Why? This will be cliché but he borrowed money from the mafia and if he doesn’t win the mafia is going to find some other way of getting him to pay. Yeah, it’s a little bit out there :slight_smile:

Keep you guys updated.


dude!! just thought of a pose… he is either pulling on his hair or his hat… unless you have neither… squeezing the hell outta his head! to help build anticipation right before the ball hits


Thanks for the suggestion Joeranimo, but I’m probably going with this new one which might not fit with that. :slight_smile:

New rough blocking

Pardon the exposition in my WIPs, I tend to document a lot of things that go through my mind. If it’s trivial stuff that I could be wasting my time thinking about let me know. What else am I suppose to think about? :slight_smile:

A quick summary of what the B1, B2, and B3 mean for those who don’t know. They indicate my primary, secondary and tertiary breakdowns. They help define the motion between key poses. From what I gather from VTS 19 from Keith Lango, primary breakdowns define key to key. Secondary define between breakdown and key. I made up the tertiary (I don’t recall Keith talking about it), those define breakdown to breakdown. I haven’t used that third one effectively and that often I think, but it’s there just in case it pops up.

My previous one I had 15 frames labeled ‘key’, this time I have 6.

Starting the scene with him just putting down the chips and lifting his hand off of it. Looking really focused on the chips as if willing the stack to win.

The anticipation of watching the roulette spin should make him feel as if it’s the longest moment of his life. After all if he doesn’t win there’s a significant loss. It’s just one of those moments you hold your breath.

He loses! Looking really close to the roulette wheel double checking, triple checking. His right hand clutches his chest as if he’s keeping his heart from bursting out. He stays fixated on the wheel until he notices his chips being taken away.

He tries to stand back up but just collapses with his arms still holding on to the roulette table. Last thing he does is probably cry.

Interesting note is that the two times he is standing up in anticipation. The first is for the ball to land and the second is before he falls.

Geesh, I sound like a scriptwriter or something.

Please, crit away.


I´m going to do a trampouline dive gone as bad as it could get. =D


Hey guys, sorry I’m late, but next week I promiss to start with some ideas… I’m really glad this challenge is getting more competitive and also instructive.

Sir Ron, I think you’re doing a really good job, and if you allow me, I have only one suggestion to make on your animation.

Maybe if he slowly approaches a little bit to the roullete while it’s spinning, the transition to the key frame when he loses, would be more interesting.

Can’t wait to start mine and get some critics! :thumbsup:

See ya!


Thanks ZeAle! I made him slowly move towards the wheel in anticipation and I like it. Thanks for the suggestion.

Looking forward to seeing your progress too :slight_smile:


Quick update… I switched to using Flash MX rather than the grease script. Definately feels better drawing but I’m sad to lose connection with Maya.



Hey all :slight_smile:

Im glad you found the roulette model useful

As I said before im very busy this month, but ill try to get somthing in by the 27th

sorry for no commenting on any thing yet, I still didnt have time to look at any of the posts on the thread

here’s a small animatic:


Ha! I laughed at the end, that’s pretty good.

Though watch your silhouettes. The beginning you just have a side profile and the pose with his head down makes him look headless.

But I’m sure that’ll work itself out when you use the rig.

Keep it up. :slight_smile: