Acting Challenge #2: Post Progress; Deadline Oct. 31st


Welcome to another Acting Challenge!

The Challenge Topic is Paranoid Thief

Thank you Vood for getting this one going!

Here are a couple ideas for this topic.
[li]The character has already stolen something and is suspicious that others know what he has done. [/li][li]The character is trying to steal something and is worried he will get caught.[/li][li]A character that has never stolen something before.[/li][li]Woody Allen trying to steal something.[/li][li]A macho character that cries under the pressure.[/li][li]Use lighting or sound affects that act like an alarm.[/li][/ul]To view the rules for the acting challenge click the link

Good luck every one! :bounce:


This will be fun. I filmed my reference footage last night :slight_smile:

… in my underwear … :arteest:


Hey Guys, like the animation idea so i’ll be joining in for this one too. Looking forward to seeing some good pieces. Good luck to any who are entering.


Here is some images and the a playblast of Package Man in his new adventure!

Any feddback will be welcome!

  • May I enter more than one animation?


I like your keys zeale. I think your timing needs work, and you should probably work on this one a little more before you start another animation. The timing looks flat, especialy where he grabs the jewel and it falls. Also i would do without the last key when he looks at the audience. Its as if he knows people are watching him and that throws off the illusion of him trying to steal something. The keys have good energy and the piece can turn out really good if the timing is reworked.


Cool to see you getting straight into the comp. Though to me you clip seems like he’s very adventurous and daring, but the subject is “Paranoid Thief”. I dont think a Paranoid thief would be so bold as to fly down on a wire and swing around. Nice work, but I think you should try more to get the feeling of him being paranoid.


Yes, I guess you’re right, I’ll do some work on the timing tonight!! Tomorrow I’ll post some progress. :thumbsup:

You are right too qpaynter, and that’s why I asked if I could enter another animation, this one is just to have fun :scream:


Great!!! Ill look forward to seeing your finished version :slight_smile: Keep up the good work.


hey guys im back frm okinawa now !

lol ZeaAle look forward to seeign it
looks good :smiley:



Here is my progress so far.

This is all the key frames. Please let me know what you think.



Well heres the basic idea of my anim. The clips of progress will be added shortly.


Hey guys! I’m here just to explain that I’m away for this challenge until october 29. That’s because I’m managing International Day of Animation (Oct. 28) in my Town. But as soon as possible I’ll send new animation.

dudeacle, in my opinion your animation is great, and qpaynter I’d like to see more of your work, I like the idea of lasers, there’s a bunch of things you can do with the character!! :thumbsup:

Good work for us!!

C ya!


Thanks Zeale! International day of animation sounds great! Can you come Phoenix, Arizona and do one here :), i would help of course. Ill be looking for an update when you come back.

Qpaynter i only see one thumbnail, are there others? Maybe i didnt wait long enough for them to load.


I’ve been abit busy the past few days, but yeah. Theres just a thumb there for now. Thats why I said " The clips of progress will be added shortly." :slight_smile: Just showing the idea of my anim.

Cant wait to see peoples animations, hopefully this will get more and more popular :stuck_out_tongue: I just hope people keep on the paranoid theme. I wanna see some really mentally unbalanced thieves :stuck_out_tongue:


Well sorry guys I have to leave this comp. As I normally enter all the lil comps over at Ive just been waiting for their particle onces to finish and now theres a new fun one. So ill be entering that. Good luck to all those that enter this comp.


Hope to see you enter another challenge qpaynter :slight_smile:


Awww man! I need to check this section more often. :sad:

Guess I’ll wait for the next one. In the mean time good luck everyone!


Looks like im not going to finnish my animation in time :sad:
I will complete it and post it when its done. Good luck to everyone.
My favortie holiday is tomorrow in the United States, Halloween!! Im going to get dressed up like a fool and drink pumpkin beer. And of course eat lots of candy. Its going to suck going to work the next morning.


As I promissed, here’s my second animation, this one is inside the theme chosen.

In this scene, I made “Package Man” a bit nervous about stealing for the first time :thumbsup:

I know it’s not so good, but I promiss to try harder in the next Acting Challenge!!

Feedbacks are welcome!


Zeale i like how you stuck to your word and made another animation that more closely follows the topic. The first part of the animation is good up untill he decides to take it. I think the last key pose should be stronger. Also his eye does a twitch when he is reaching for it for the first time and it looks odd.

I think you should pick the topic for the next challenge.

After a fun halloween last night i am going to buckle down and finnish my animation. I should have it done by the end of the week, hopefuly :slight_smile: