ACT 1.6 testing / can't apply symmetry


Currently testing act 1.6, i’m unable to obtain de left structur from the right one… The symmetric muscles look all wrong, and/or bugged, excepted if i choose “initial engine” instead of “blend engine”.
What’s the matter?? Should i do all the left structur separately?


Mirroring Muscles is a pain in the tail. My procedure for doing it has been as follows:

*0. Unhook your Distals and Proximals before starting! (I believe you can do this quickly with , $.proximal = void, $.distal=void, on a cgMuscle, but I might be wrong about the exact syntax)

  1. Use a Mirror Mod on a clone to dupe the muscle.
  2. Collapse to cgMuscle.
  3. Flip the normals.
  4. Select all Cross Sections
  5. Rotate the cross sections so that the first fiber lines up as expected to the other side. (View with vertex colors to get a viewport feedback of this).
  6. Bind the Distals and Proximals to the new location.

Obvious make sure that your attachments are set to none for the mirroring process, or the deformation engine will mess things all up. There used to be a script for this, but it was always somewhat dodgy.


Thx a lot! i finally succeeded mirroring that thing, doing quiet the same way you say. But I had in addition to kill the Xrefs of all my new muscles, and i had to rebuilt dummies one by one. 4 hours of hard n repetitive work… Anyway, it works!
Hope the game is worth the candle (say it like that?!) :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again.


Think I take your meaning :slight_smile: If you’re not doing anything complicated with your attachments, you might be able to simply link your proximals and distals directly to the bones instead of using the helpers as intermediaries. Might speed things up a bit for you in the future. Good luck!



I have just added a thread with a script I created for mirroring muscles… Please try it and let me know if it works for you and if it saves some time. Any feedback is welcome.

Rafael Polit Jr.
Quito, Ecuador.


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