ACS4 vs TSM feature comparison comment


Hello Wavers,

Anzovin Studio has posted a feature comparison between Auto Character Setup 4 and The Setup Machine for Lightwave on their site (scroll page down to the bottom):

As this comparison provides unreliable and misleading information on ACS4 I decided to comment it. You can read my full statement here:

I’d like to warn everybody against reading unauthorised information about ACS4 and point out that ACS4 site and links to threads/interviews posted on it are the only valid source of information on ACS4.
Thank You for Your attention.


Yea I saw that comparison they did, and it kinda took me by surprise that they did that. seems in the LW community people have always been supportive of each other and here someone with this new TSM plug is trying to out-do you and put your product down, after alllllll the hard work and alllll the great plugins you’ve made.

I’m sure both are great products, but the new guy on the block shouldn’t put down a great product that the LW community has been using.

BUT business is business I guess…


Have no fear about ACS4…it’s a proven tool that I’ve see no complaints about that weren’t resolved quickly…I have had no problems using it and I was to lazy to read the manual (I cheated and watched the movies)

At $90.00 ACS4 is a steal and Lukasz is a Mad man for selling it that cheap…I’ve used ACS4 in about 14-18 totally different models and have 100% success rate…

ACS4 has my seal of approval (for what that’s worth) and I’m sure it has the approval of all the other happy customers…

Thanx again for such a great tool!


Comparative Publicity (are these the right words?) is forbidden in Portugal, i´m glad it is. To compare products i think that 3rd partys (like magazines and so) should be the ones to do it, not the product manufacturers themselfs, after all we always know that at the end of the review/comparision charts, their products are always the best leaving the competition behind, so why rely on them? :rolleyes:…and by the way, ACS4 RULESSSSS!!!:airguitar :buttrock: :airguitar



Wow…that’s surprising to me that a company like Anzovin would take a cheap shot like that and not even do their homework.

I don’t think you’ve got anything to worry about, Lukasz. All one needs to do is take a look around this forum to see all the great comments being made about ACS4…you’ve done a fantastic job with it. I know as soon as the Mac version is released, I’ll be handing over my $90 without hesitation. :beer:


Actually, we put that comparison up there only after many requests by people wanting some kind of chart. I’ve removed it from the site. Folks can form their own opinions.

Anzovin Studio


Steve -
Please don’t think anyone doesn’t appreciate the effort and time that goes into TSM and the site.

I think the issue was more that there were some inaccuracies in the chart rather than the chart itself.

As I know the Anzovin crew and Lukasz are both great - why not start some kind of a dialog? There is room for competition and accurate comparisons are always welcome. Why not coordinate together to create an accurate representation for both sites?

I realize I’m asking competing developers to “play nice”, but I see the products as different enough that it’s feasible at least.


This smacks of

Sasquatch VS Shave & a haircut.

First, no products of any type, then we get two and the cat calls emerge. Just don’t want another Shave incident where the developer breaks camp.


It’s probably best for a neutral third party to do a comparison review and post a chart. We’ll be happy to supply a review copy for this.

Anzovin Studio
The Setup Machine for Lightwave


Fair enough and a generous offer, Steve!

So who is our resident LW rigging/animating guru - and has time and desire to prepare a comparison? (Although I’d love to volunteer, I’m still struggling with skelegons, let alone bones and constraints :wink: )


Programmer fight! Look out for flying pocket protectors and calculators.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


What about sending a copy to Proton… or MikeRB… or SplineGod?


Any of them would be perfect for the job :slight_smile:

It might go very well with Splinegod’s current testing of Irrational Orthopedics too! wink wink nudge nudge


I may have time to do a short review comparison. And I already have ACS. But extensive testing including actually working with them for long animations and testing things like screamernet may not be within the scope of what I’d have time for. IT would be a review from a TD perspective, not so much from an animators perspective.



Best choice would be someone (or some group) not affiliated with Newtek–why put William on the spot?–or with any company who markets or plans to market a product in this area. Bestest of all would be someone who has never used either product.

Anzovin Studio
Setup Machine for LW



I wouldn’t call it fight. I’m very glad this issue was solved so I could happily remove the comment from ACS4 site. Thanks to Steve for a quick reaction.
I also think a 3rd party review would be the best way to go (I can also provide a copy for review), especially that I believe the choice is not so obvious. Although ACS4 and TSM address similar user needs they probably differ much on the way they handle their tasks and feature set.
In addition to that, please, do not consider that I’m fighting anything there, I’m sure both products can co-exist and users are the ones who will benefit from that.

I hope this case can be considered as closed. Thanks once again.


Nice. It’s great to see developers that can be reasonable and get along. Like Lucasz said, I’m sure both of these products fill similar but most likely slightly different needs. And like the Shave + Sasquatch debate of long ago, most people found it suited them to own both. :slight_smile:



If we need a review, I somehow think that Ethangar (from is probably unbiased and care enough to do the comparison reviews.



Just as I expected from the LW community, in less than 20 posts, kind words, offers of help and resolve…

Hope of prosperity to both companies!!!

Now somebody do an un-biased test on these two great plugins and let us know the outcome!!!

Keep wavin’:wavey:


Hey I am a Messiah guy (this would be where it would be fair an un-biased POV).
I would love to give a review, but alas I know couldn’t presuade my boss to get both copies for doing this but I do plan on getting of these rigging system for lw only work. If anyone want donate the Julian’s LW Rigging Evaluation Program. I would put the time in it for a fair results.