A peaceful morning out in the country side.


is it not to late?!


I think they reopened for a few hours today. I tried submitting last night at around 11pm mountain time but the page had automatically changed. I knew that Pacific had not turned past midnight but the entries were closed :frowning:

However, it seems they are letting people submit for a few more hours today, I had to submit a low res one (I don’t have the source image file right now as I am away from home and didn’t anticipate being able to enter, but yah!)

Yeah, the time stamp is a dead give away…


Wow, really nice color. It set the mood. This piece remind me of Star Wars.:thumbsup:

Here’s my, tell me what you think.
Good luck to you.


yes i like the morning ambience alot, very simplistic work, non too complex, but still really effective!.

great work




Indeed, it’s very simple and very effective. :smiley:
Congratulations dude!


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