That is coming together great, it’s amazing how much to right style architecture can pull an image together, love it so far :slight_smile:


thanks man… i guess simple shapes for a house will do for a Syd Mead style, and also it won’t caught too much attention to the scene… ill be updating the house soon… as of now im adding up some very huge mountains for the background…i will put back the trees later… :slight_smile:


just an update for tonight… I guess I’m almost done with the house. :slight_smile: I’ll be adding up a person at the back of the ACE-7 (the owner of the car) :slight_smile: He’ll be standing and calling someone while waiting for her girlfriend… The color filter is just a test, I’m still looking for the right kind of filter for this image…


That looks good, overall a very convincing Syd Mead likeness. It definitely needs a person in to round it off though.


Thanks baron really appreciate it… yeah ill definitely put a character on the image. here’s an update for my Audia Serano(WIP)… ill be adding up the background soon…


Very cool. I’m loving the colour you’re getting, it has quite an authentic age to it. What software are you working with to get that look?


thanks TMunro,hhmm for the software, I’m using Adobe Photoshop CS3 and a drawing tablet.


cgdigi, Fan,tastic! They Stylization is Perfect’ Bravo.

but that picture still erking me with the one stripe man in the front :frowning:
well… my car, which i spray painted myself has two stripes, black and silver mind you. Maybe im just a fan of the stripes


Thanks ryanwalsh, glad you like the style of my Serano…
here’s an update for the BG.


ok so here’s the owner of the ACE-7… :slight_smile: ill be adding up another character to give it a little story to the scene…




Ah Come on! Give it a try, just for me will ya?


ryan-- ok maybe on my next update… :slight_smile:

so adding up some characters to put some story on the scene… ill be adding up an alien pet for the girl on the next update…


Looking really good. The colours are very authentic, makes me wish I’d done some colour adjustment on mine to be honest. One point, the guy is slightly too big. I can’t imagine him squeezing into that car.


GOOD, :cool:


Baron-- thanks for pinpointing that… ill look into it on the next update… yeah, well you can still pass another version of it right? anyway it still look fantastic., and im sure there’s lot fo more coming from you… :slight_smile:

ryan-- :stuck_out_tongue:

hhmm here’s a sneak peek on my 3rd entry… AREA 51, a mixed of environment, people and futuristic hovering vehicles… :slight_smile:


update for tonight… just watch iron man 2, it rocks!!! :wink:

Work in progress for my Audia Serano


This is a good work! Just the perspective it is a little strange. See the front horizontal line and the windscreen horizontal lines (take the corners at the windscreen for reference), they should converge to the far left of the picture. To fix it I would twist the front line a little bit clockwise. Maybe a geometric reference for the vanishing point would help to understand what I mean. I don’t know if u already did it, but if you flip the image horizontally, you will be able to see if there is another perspective construction mistakes, just a mind trick.
Good luck!


jtrillio-- thanks for that… ill look into it… :wink: im almost done with my ACE-7… ill be passing the final image soon… :slight_smile: thanks to all your comments and constructive crits… really helps me a lot… :wink:


here’s the WIP for my AREA 51… still a long way to go, going to paint over on this 3D render. I’m using 3dsmax2009 design, vray and zbrush for this entry.