here’s my concept for this challenge. :slight_smile: ace-7 is the new high speed hovering car model for the year 2020…

concept art—


Nice lines, looks powerful! Good luck in the comp


I Like This!


Baron and Quantum-- thanks… :slight_smile:


so here’s a work in progress that ive done so far… :slight_smile: still busy with work, i only have the time at night… :slight_smile: im trying to achieve a traditional vintage look of the image…


minor update


Colours are great. Are you going to put some people in?


hhmm im thinking about it though… :slight_smile: thanks…

another update— WIP adding some background on the scene…


well you are defiantly creating a good “syd” style here. It’s looking nice! a retro future 50’s house in the back and a few people around the car would really top it off.


Looking Great, I feel a Syd mead painting style going on here! Might I request that you put two stripes in the front instead of one? it looks tacky, and not very fashionable. Becuase its different than what people are use to seeing, that maybe a concern to worry for.

Great work non-the less


amscime-- thanks a lot man… :slight_smile: yeah ill try to put some background in it… :wink:
ryanwalsh-- yeah i think so also… ok ill just update soon… thanks for the comments and crits…


by the way i think ill just make this my WIP thread for all my entries… if i can still make more… love doing hovercrafts :slight_smile: here’s my 2nd entry Audia Serano… a classic 1960’s car revive in year 2030… inspired by Syd Mead classic hovercraft cars… :slight_smile:


updates on the ace 7 :slight_smile:


I still say you should change the front stripe. Its throwing everything off’ Im sure maybe in the future racing stripes will still concist of the same pattern… This is errkkking me.


ryanwalsh-- sorry if its erkiinggggggggg you… lol… dont worry ill try that one soon… :wink: just hang in there ok… :slight_smile:


here’s the setting for my audia serano, i think ill put a futuristic floating thing at the sky, and two lovers watching it… :slight_smile:


I love this second car design but, I think the rear fin shapes might look nicer if they were more like late 50’s Cadillac fins, I think it might balance the design more, maybe repeat the shape you have on the horizontal plane on the front fenders. No offence intended, I love the design as it is though :slight_smile:


thanks for the suggestion… really appreciate it… ill think about it… :slight_smile:


added some wheels going to modify it more to give it a futuristic look…reflections on the wind shield will be added soon…


compared to the preview wips that i’ve pass i did some test to achieve more a Syd Mead style artwork, i think ill go for this but will apply it to the final image, im also planning to put some mountains for the background and will changed the trees also…