Accurate anatomical database


This japanese site is a kind of virtual human body construction set :

You can choose the body parts in the BP3D tab : select parts with the menu on the right and gather the icons into the bottom frame. You can then display the selected parts in the Anatomography tab.

The site works with a database which is downloadable and free access :

It contains .obj file for each body part (two precisions : 99% and 95% - some real parts, like organs, and some virtual parts - for instance, anatomical lines that do not correspond to an organ). It also contains 3 text files which describe the hierarchical relations between objects.

I would like to use the database at home (because it is very long to manipulate on line).

Which 3D viewer could fit ? (Blender, Maya… ?)

How is it possible to re-create rapidly the data base in such a viewer (I mean relationships between objects, links with the files, menu for access to the bodyparts) ?

Thank you for your ideas or help.

PS : animations of body parts can be found on wikipedia, as, for instance, in this page :


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