Accessing coordinates of verticies using Python?


Hey guys,

I’ve been learning Python within the context of some 3d apps, specifically Houdini Apprentice and XSI Essentials…anywho, I was wondering if anyone know how to access the coordinates of the verticies of a polygon mesh in XSI using Python?


sorry not much help with the particulars of Python, but as far as the SDK goes, good start for you would be the positionArray property of a pointCollection object.


oSel = Application.Selection(0) #to get the first object in the selection
tupPP = oSel.ActivePrimitive.Geometry.Points.PositionArray #get the postion array as a 3xN tuple


Thanks guys!


Hmmmm, am I correct in understanding that oSel.ActivePrimitive.Geometry.Points.PositionArray
returns points in local coordinates? Is there a way to get them as globals?


get the kine of the same object and push them through the matrix.
in python you can map a lambda function making it pretty much instantaneous even with a big mesh.


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