Access Violation problem with CUDA using 2x gpus


Hey guys, having a real problem, I’ve tried everything I can think of.

Vray won’t open for me in C4D, no idea why, so I’m using Cycles 4D for an equirectangular pano render I’m working on for a client. It’s been extremely unstable, but finally got it mostly fixed by:

-updating to S22
-fully repairing Windows
-updated BIOS
-clean installed Studio Driver from Nvidia
-uninstalled and reinstalled all software in question

Work machine (the one with the problem):
Threadripper 1950x
64GB DDR4 quad-channel
2x RTX2080 gpus
Windows 10
C4D S22

Personal machine:
i7 8700K
32GB DDR4 dual-channel
1x GTX1080ti
Windows 10
C4D R21

The file in question works flawlessly on the Personal Machine. File works fine on Work Machine using only 1 GPU, and about 80% of the time with 1 GPU + CPU. It crashes every time using dual cards.

Checking the bug reports, the exception thrown is 0xC0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION. the address shown for the exception points to nvcuda.dll in the call stack. Way out of my depth here, but every bug report has shown an error with either nvcuda.dll or nvcuda64.dll, though they’re always in the stack with cycles4d.dll and KERNEL32.dll, so I don’t know if it’s that. here’s the relevant section:

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I can’t figure out anything else to try.

nvcuda.dll: 0x00007FFEEA2E9034 (SP: 0x000000C4135BED20, PC: 0x00007FFEEA2E9034)
nvcuda.dll: cuFuncSetCacheConfig + 0x1d2 (SP: 0x000000C4135BED50, PC: 0x00007FFEEA47DE42)
Cycles4D.dll: svDeleteDevices + 0x1b8db (SP: 0x000000C4135BEE20, PC: 0x00007FFEEB459D2B)
Cycles4D.dll: svDeleteDevices + 0x3750f (SP: 0x000000C4135BEF10, PC: 0x00007FFEEB47595F)
Cycles4D.dll: svDeleteDevices + 0x36170 (SP: 0x000000C4135BEFC0, PC: 0x00007FFEEB4745C0)
Cycles4D.dll: svDeleteDevices + 0x226c6 (SP: 0x000000C4135BF350, PC: 0x00007FFEEB460B16)
Cycles4D.dll: svDeleteDevices + 0x5fd41d (SP: 0x000000C4135BFD00, PC: 0x00007FFEEBA3B86D)
Cycles4D.dll: svDeleteDevices + 0x603077 (SP: 0x000000C4135BFD50, PC: 0x00007FFEEBA414C7)
Cycles4D.dll: svDeleteDevices + 0x6033b9 (SP: 0x000000C4135BFD80, PC: 0x00007FFEEBA41809)
Cycles4D.dll: 0x00007FFEEB4345C9 (SP: 0x000000C4135BFDC0, PC: 0x00007FFEEB4345C9)
ucrtbase.dll: configthreadlocale + 0x92 (SP: 0x000000C4135BFDF0, PC: 0x00007FFF66391542)
KERNEL32.DLL: BaseThreadInitThunk + 0x14 (SP: 0x000000C4135BFE20, PC: 0x00007FFF682E6FD4)
ntdll.dll: RtlUserThreadStart + 0x21 (SP: 0x000000C4135BFE50, PC: 0x00007FFF68B5CEC1)


What power supply on the work machine?


corsair RM1000x