Access material properties of an xRef Material


So the backstory of what I’m trying to accomplish is that we have workflow where where use a VRaySwitchMtl with xref’d materials in it’s slots to easily switch carpaints.

now I got the part to switch the material covered in my tool, where I switch the index of the switchMtl.

But I’d also like to change a colorpicker to the diffuse color of the chosen index’s material, which is an xref material.

I have NO clue how to access those properties. I know I am supposed to be looking at the Interface: objXRefMgr section of the docs, but I can make heads nor tails of how that part works.

I get to this point:
which returns
I also tried
gives me
and then I’m stumped.

So either I’m trying to accomplish something that can’t be done (which I can’t imagine) or I’m going to need some help here to fetch my material properties.


Solution posted Here by DenisT

basically we’re looking for
xrefmat.getsourcematerial false
(or true if you want to resolve nested xrefs)

so in my case it would be
srcMat = obj.material.switchMtl[5].getsourcematerial false