Access AppData of an Xref file


Hi all,

Working on a tool to help us better manage xrefs and I’m wondering if I setAppData to the rootNode of one scene and I Xref that scene into another file how can I access it?

File A
setAppData rootNode -500 “Dataz”

File B
Bring in XRef A

How from file B can I access the rootNode of File A?

I’ve tried a variety of things related to

rootNodeXref = (xrefs.getXrefFile 1)
getAppData rootNodeXref(rootNode) -500

but clearly I don’t have a good grasp of the structure of files.

Any insight?


rootNodeXref = (xrefs.getXrefFile 1)

this is the root object (Node) what you look for


Thanks Denis, knew I was close!