Accepting donations towards porting Normality plug-ins to Mac OS X


(To the mods: Please feel free to delete this message if you consider this SPAM - it’s just an offer to After Effects users in the Mac community!)

Some of you might remember my After Effects plug-in Normality for relighting scenes in AE. This software has been available for free for the Windows platform for some time now and will continue to be so.

Since then I have gotten a lot of requests to port the plug-in to the Mac - there seems to be a large and active After Effects community on the Mac side of the pond that would also like to use my plug-in in their projects.

But as I don’t own an Apple computer (and have no personal reason to buy one) I cannot port the plug-in at the moment - and with it being free and all, there’s not much of an incentive for me to buy a Mac just for the purpose of porting the software.

However, I am willing to port Normality to Mac OS X and release the plug-in for free if I can gather the funds needed to purchase a lower-end Intel Mac.

If you’re willing to donate towards this purpose, please follow the link to and click “Donate”.

As for the maths… the cheapest Intel iMac is 999€. So if 20 Mac users donate as little as 50€ each, Normality will be ported to Mac OS X. That’s less than most other After Effects plug-ins cost and seems very reasonable to me for having a custom software development done.

After all, there’s not much in it for me since I have no real use for a Mac.

If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know!


Apparently I overestimated the need for this plug-in in the Mac community. Normality will not be ported to OS X any time soon as the required funds were not acquired and I have no interest in purchasing a Mac just to port this software.

I have refunded all donations to the kind donors.


can you make it open-source? maybe someone else can port it for you. look like a useful plug -in.


That’s out of the question.


Do you have a help file on how to use Normality?


I have written up some documentation but I don’t think I ever released it because I thought this software is pretty self-explanatory… you apply the plug-in to your normal map and add a light to the scene. :shrug:

What part are you having trouble with?


In that case I’m using it right. Just wasn’t sure if I was missing anything on using this plug-in.

Thx for releasing it!


Just a little heads up: Normality 3 is now available for Mac OS X along with a whole bunch of new features.


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