My English is not really good so im going to try explain this as better as I can.

First of all i want to tank to CGSociety for pushing my imagination further.
And syd mead for being a great artist inspiring me and all of us in this challenge.
To al the judges, cuz I know is hard to say wich work is better than other. When all people involved have put a lot of effort.


In this image I didnt want just to make a vehicle that looks like syd mead. Instead i though… what does a syd mead,s image feels like. I took has reference the giant horses picture he did. and for me , looks really savage and powerful…

I wanted to create some giant vehicles. I used the most basic shape of vehicles… that is the wheel.

did my first sketchs and asked a few friends that know about mechanics… to see if it was possible or believable a vehicle like that, and they say yes…

im not really sure if already exist something like this… anyway. Took me about one week. I hope you guys like it. Later ill be posting a video maybe. Of the creation of this image… I was really fun!


nice man, it’s much better as your first one!

I finally uploaded a version of my design.


Nice entry! I love the dynamism although I am not a huge fun of motion blur effect. Main vehicle is really in focus! Could you let me know how can we edit our image? I remember your entry was submitted before. Did you have to resubmit it or just submitted new entry?


Nice improvement on the image my friend, once again, nice to see another venezuelan artist participating with such a good image.




i just uploaded a new one! i supose they will use this one :stuck_out_tongue: it says update! haha… thanks for the comments guys! :bounce:


is the day when this challenge finish! i wish you all the best luck! it was fun to be participating with such great artists! i felt happy to finish my entry in time when i didnt have to much! and i felt sad when i saw all the other people in the challenge that have amazing work hahaha =p anyway. what makes you happy is the journey! not the destination!. . .


well done Genesisa, I liked this one from the start of the competition. :buttrock:


check this as reference:





thanks! i saw a lot of them when i was doing it! there is people that made them… is sick!! there was one guy that did it with like a bigfoot wheel. crazy!


Hi Jesus!

[left]Congratulations, your artwork is pretty good! I would suggest that you either turn down the motion blur on the crowd a bit or turn it up on the wheels, in order to make sense in terms of shutter speed (In order to have such a bit motion blur you would need a slow shutter speed, but if you have that, the wheel should also be blurred). The other detail would be to make the crowd and ceiling a bit more lit, i feel now is just a tiny bit too dark considering the ambient light that is should be around in such a shiny day. Also be careful with the different kinds of lens flares you are using, since they correspond to different kind of lenses, but that’s just being too picky…
[left]Take care
Victor Rodríguez


your crits have been really good! this is the way of making me a better artist! thanks for the comments. ill have that all that in mind for my next challenge cuz this one is already delivered! thanks a lot! :slight_smile: :cool:


Felicitaciones Jesus, buen trabajo.


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