My English is not really good so im going to try explain this as better as I can.

First of all i want to tank to CGSociety for pushing my imagination further.
And syd mead for being a great artist inspiring me and all of us in this challenge.
To al the judges, cuz I know is hard to say wich work is better than other. When all people involved have put a lot of effort.


In this image I didnt want just to make a vehicle that looks like syd mead. Instead i though… what does a syd mead,s image feels like. I took has reference the giant horses picture he did. and for me , looks really savage and powerful…

I wanted to create some giant vehicles. I used the most basic shape of vehicles… that is the wheel.

did my first sketchs and asked a few friends that know about mechanics… to see if it was possible or believable a vehicle like that, and they say yes…

im not really sure if already exist something like this… anyway. Took me about one week. I hope you guys like it. Later ill be posting a video maybe. Of the creation of this image… I was really fun!

Gook luck to everyone!


Wow, I’d really like to be there and watch that race, nice work!!!


one reply !! :slight_smile: yay!! =p thanks man.
and by the way. i saw your portfolio. pro stuff. your landscapes are sick :wink:


great job dude :thumbsup:


love it very much:beer:


thanks for the comments! yes i enjoied a lot doing it! it was a little bit quick but i think i got the idea done. i didnt want to spend to much time. maybe next challenge :stuck_out_tongue:


for a quick piece it sure gets its point across, well done on this. Your illustration really does take you there to the sport.

great effort



Buen trabajo bro…Nice job a lot of inspiration for us all man…


This one is going to take the Bacon for sure’ Impressivly well constructed


I would like to answer on your question if this machine exist or not… :slight_smile: It is called monowheel if youll google it youll find some links :). Also general Grivious has one in Star Wars III revenge of the Siths… But still it is really nice and qualite picture… :slight_smile:


i found really cook pictures of it! whell min has two wheels… and yes i though of the griveous one :stuck_out_tongue: but that one has legs… thanks for answering. and for taking time on comments. i really apreciate that


well done… 5 thumbs up!!! :wink:


Fantastic Image! Not only does it show great imagination, composition, and anticipation, but I feel you have also captured the mood and spirit of Syd Mead’s work. Congratulations and good luck!


thanks for the comments guys! i really apreciate… do you really think i can win? Baron’s image is really impresive… i like it a lot! :bowdown:


I have A problem with the painting… Although this is really really amazing work! Alot of it is also a cheat- Im sure syd wouldnt be pleased to pick up on some of the Photo-manipulations in the adience, as he is stricktly pen and paper type guy’ For him to pick up on the photo pastes, it will further be hard for him to judge original work.


yes im a little concerned about that… but i dont know… i mean. it was like the only way to make it quick. and if you look at it that way. 3d guys will be cheating all the time :stuck_out_tongue:
all the textures and skies and stuff are from pictures. and even photos of people. so i dont know… thanks a lot for the critic anyway! :slight_smile:


Its true, I know that alot of masters today will not condemn photo-minipulations, copy and paste from photos as a means of demonstrating a means of creative productivity, and a finnish to a product. Im sorry to have to bust the bubble on this one. But it maybe for the better that you should paint it, and maybe work from reference. Some of this could be really polished off like the building to the lower right as well, it looks very sketchy atm. Those are the only two concerns I have about the painting that, detracts my eye when im Viewing it.


I think that you have good chance… My favourites are Big Red, A.W.C.U., Whale Ships and your work… Good Luck


that comment cheer me up a bit! i was kinda down =p i felt really bad i know using photos in ilustration is kind of cheating. but i was the only chance for me to get the idea right. im doing another work. ill be posting in few days!


No Problem Genesisa, Im better at critiquing than a artist myself.