Academy of Art University.. or...!


Hello, its me again, its been some crazy times for me, i went from trying to go to Gnomon, to being forced to go to the Ai in Houston, to cancel that application and now think about applying to Academy of Art university, my plan was to do 1 year at AAU and then, transfer to Ringling, and happy ending, but now i dont know, does AAU transfers credits?, does anyone know? and if it doesn’t … there is a big chance ill have to stay there til i graduate, and i was yesterday looking for reviews on the school, and there is a fair amount of people complaining, gosh i feel like i going through this all over again, like AAU is another art institute… what do you guys think about AAU?, If someone is been a student there, do you know if credits transfer?,
Also, if i was to take, all the liberal art and studio art courses in a Community college, will i be able to skip a year of Ringling if i were accepted?


Lots of Ringling students will go to a CC and do all their liberal arts courses there, then transfer to Ringling. This is a really smart choice if you want to end up at Ringling, this way you aren’t paying an arm and a leg for art history lol. Also this frees up A LOT of your time allowing for a less stressful school experience. I highly recommend doing this if Ringling is your goal. That being said, be sure animation is what you want and be sure you can be accepted. Ringling is not easy to get into despite what some people say.


good choice. its not cheap at all and i am taking liberal art courses that can be done at a community college but we do have the best teachers around.


Generally speaking, no, at least not if you’re applying for CA. It’s rare for them to accept someone as a sophomore.


CA is very strict. Seriously. Everyone has to go through the schools training. No exceptions. If a Illustration or Motion Design student wanted to switch in(and was allowed) they would start over as a freshman.


I know someone who entered CA as a Sophomore. It’s rare (she entered two or three years ago, and might be the most recent person to do so), and they have an incredibly rough Sophomore year (as they have to take two extra classes most students take Freshman year) but it’s at least occasionally possible.


then she mustve been ridiculously good


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