Abunai Kenkai, Joni Raso (2D)


Title: Abunai Kenkai
Name: Joni Raso
Country: Singapore
Software: Photoshop

kinda felt sketching a ninjaesque pic - with a female subject. ive been a long fan since the sanada days. its been a while since my last post.
took a couple of days in short bursts. i was going for a looser feel this time. it was directly sketched and painted within photoshop.
you like?


Great work!

Feel energy of it, commosition is very good!
Very well done :thumbsup:


wow!! Great dynamics and sense of movement nice work!


nice piece joni,great movements,like the raw and messy exercution:thumbsup:


Nice atmosphere and poses man. Wonder who’s gonna get it? :scream: Looks to me like the samurai dude’s not too worried. A little technical detail if you’re interested, the correct way to actualy hold a sword is with the bottom hand at the very bottom of the tsuka (handle), sometimes using as little as the forefinger, middle finger and thumb. The way you’ve drawn it though looks very nice. Only thing looking slightly off is the position of the blade. It seems like it’s not in line with the tsuka, and at a wrong angle to both the tsuka and tsuba (hand protector)


good work.i love the dynamics, some minor flaws as Kaaspas has lready mentioned.

still,very good picture :slight_smile:


i do liek the motion feeling in this picture.

keep it going


I like the power of this picture, and the composition!! good!!!


I like this very much. I’m a sucker for white hair and young faces.


Cool! nice style, I like it. She seems to lack a bit of power though… maybe it is the expression on the face or angle of the shoulders or arms or soemthing… but anyway… just my thought. Nice work!



good stuff dude:thumbsup:


yup couldnt agree more with you kaspaas n biz. wont post a revised version but its been corrected. tnx.

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tnx dudes and dudets.


So Cool~~!

I like the culture of Ninja and Samurai…


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