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This is an image i did for a desktop background…

i used: Softimage and Photoshop

other pics on my little online gallery:



Wow, very nice look :). Do you have a higher resolution version of this image (1280 x 1024)? Would be a welcome change to my BLACK background.

Also, can you please elaborate how this image was accomplished? How much of it is photoshop?


man that is cool If you have a bigger one a 1024*768
I will display prowedly that is very cool:buttrock: :buttrock:


i’ve changed color for this version… 'cause that green was really “acid” to be on the full screen.

and this is another one…


rusky thanks for the pics:beer:



ciao !


Very matrixish! :bounce:


yes, i did it, 2 years ago…inspired from “The Matrix” movie.


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