Abstract 3D Art/Animations


I’m wondering if anyone can point out to me some notable (or any) abstract-ish 3D artwork/animations and artists (could you give some websites too, if any?). All of the 3D stuff I’ve done and have seen has been either realistic or cartoony, and I’m starting to get tired of it, and want to look for something else. I know there is some abstract 3D art out there, but I just don’t know where. I would like to (for now, at least) just move my 3D stuff and creativity in a whole other direction, particularly this one.

I’ve really hated a lot of (ok, maybe all) abstract art. I’ve just never understood it and just thought it was completely stupid. I’m trying not to be like that anymore. I want to look at things in different ways, and I know a lot of the traditional abstract art out there was done out of emotion, and therefore, gives the person looking at the art emotions the artist was feeling too. I kick myself for not paying attention in my art history classes, as I think I’m going to brush up on it.

I’m just wondering if the same things can be done with 3D artwork and animations. This is what I really want to know, and I’m sure there’s some stuff out there, hopefully. Knowing this will help me push forward on a story/project I have in mind. Much thanks.


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Boring3D to me is kind of abstract-ish, even though it’s cartoony. Let me know if you dig up more inform on this too.


Wow, I figured I was going to get gobs of info on this on here. One piece of work came to mind actually, which was the music video for Pyramid Song by Radiohead. It was done by Shynola, and in case anyone hasn’t seen it, you can see images here , just go to WORK, then 2001, then click ‘Pyramid Song’ at the top. I don’t know of a place online where you can view the video though.

I’m just looking for odd and “out there” 3D animations and art that were done out of the sole purpose of the artist’s emotions.


Well, I stumbled upon the gallery of this artists, which is something I was looking for: http://www.3dfiction.com/gallery.htm


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