Abridged - Death Scene, Joshua Harvey (3D)


Title: Abridged - Death Scene
Name: Joshua Harvey
Country: United States
Software: Maya, Photoshop

This is a styleframe for the last scene in my short film “Abridged”. It is an attemp to recreate a hand drawn feel out of an animatable procedure. All tweaks in photoshop are replicatable over time.

EDIT:I’ve had several suggestions to lower the right knee to the ground, but after painting it down I found that the knee being lifted gave more energy to the pose. I felt it adds to the cringe of the right side of the body.

I have motion tests of another styleframe created from the same passes.
QT 15Mbs

Also here is an image of the passes used.

Tomcat Toonshader(for PaintFX outlines)

>> Hi resolution image <<


Simply I love it (both images), great style, colors and model. Bravo :thumbsup:



Really nice love the style like your previous post… but one small thing though, his right knee’s not touching the floor…

There’s another thing though… I saw that you used several PS filters to achieve the final look, which makes me wonder how are you going to do that for your film?


aha!, you’ve caught me, yeah that knee kinda sucks, but I really didnt want to re-render it and I forgot to paint it down some. As far as PS filters go, I have two options, I can load the filter up in AfterFX and see if AfterFX wants to play nice, or I can just batch process them inside of photoshop. I’ve done some tests and the filters hold up during motion…I’m waiting on some animation from a guy today to do an actual animation test. So hopefully that will be up somewhere soon…

I’ll paint that knee down right now…:smiley:


awesome style … very originall, can’t wait to see the animation


Looks great, Josh. this is dave from psyop. Looking forward to seeing more of your thesis!


Excellent work! wonderful style and fresh look.


verrrrrrrry nice feel to it. that shader rocks and gives it so much feeling.


For some reason it is clearer in the wireframe one that the book is an important part of the image. Not so much in the first one…



I love the wireframe one so much… that one is really really great man… rocks :D… actule better then the other one :D…


realy kool men keep it up

do you have something animated with this character


very unique piece for 3D, i first thought it was a drawing when i saw his upper body on the front page

Nice! :slight_smile:


i though it was 2D for a second:P love the wire:)


Very good model. I love the compostition. I noticed that one of his knees is floating from the ground. Also like that toonshade plugin. It does wonders. Nice job.


I felt the sensation of… how to say it… comformation with the shattering of one’s faith, the acceptance of a sentence… and that underlaying trait of dispair, just beneath the rational side.

Trully an amazing convey of emotions :slight_smile:

The wireframed one did seem smoother, looking forth for some enhancement :slight_smile:

EDIT: edited for grammar corrections.


I totally love your style. It looks original to me.
It’s fresh and different from what we see everyday.

Love your pose, mood, everything.

Looking forward to see the finished piece!


Hi Joshua, very nice scene. I also like the style of your homepage ! Remembers me to designchapel.
Can you tell me more about the way you achieved this amazing line art?
Does the lineart loose its “scetchy style qiality” if you render a closeup or/and high resolution ?




That mood & composition are AWESOME! Also because of that amazing shader, it looks awesomely creative & with great style! I’d even like to have a print of it in my very own room…! :rolleyes: :thumbsup:


Hey dude

I really like the the over all feel and shader is great color good work…



MY GOD THATS 3D?! Wow. Simply amazing. I love the pencil sketch lines on the first one. I totaly thought it was an Illustration at frist. Amazing work.