Above The Heaven, Mitiuc Alexander (3D)


Title: Above The Heaven
Name: Mitiuc Alexander
Country: Moldova
Software: 3ds max

I create this then i was impressed after viewing Lord of Rings movie . I like fantasy worlds .
I used 3DSMax Brazil , HDRI for lighting .


Nice work! The image gives a nice sense of height; love the color palette you chose too. :slight_smile: How did you go about doing the foliage?


I like it so much. Just brilliant. I agree the color choice is excellent and adds to the surnatural feeling conveyed by the picture. Very pleasant place to live in for sure. You got a roadmap for sell ? i’m on holydays soon :slight_smile:


I love the color themes. And oddly enough, I find the clouds the most delightful. Were the clouds in the lower-right done in 3d?


great work dude, very nicely done.


Very good, indeed.
Well, I always wondered how you guys do the sky so it stretches untill the horizont… :smiley:
Can you explain me how?
Well, it looks like the Hanging Gardens too. :smiley:
As the other users sayed, the colours are magnificient, it really looks like a paradise.
Could you put a wire pic?
PS: Este excelent… Foarte foarte bine lucrat. Eu din partea mea ti-as da 5 stele. :smiley:


great athmosphere, love it… wish i was there now… :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


very nice I like it :thumbsup::thumbsup:


Awesome work! Reminds me a bit of Rivendale! :smiley:


i love this image, i just think the scaling of the foliage is a bit out, some of the leaves look about a metre across! love the clouds, are they a photo or painted or 3d?


Excellent work. It remembers me the buildings from Myst IV…


Very nice work and light, could you post some images closer?


WOW Great work man:thumbsup:

could you post some wire and close up please


nice… i like the lighting and the design … although its seen abit similar with others but this is another good artwork as well. =)



reminds me of that Elron place in lord of the rings. Rivendale? i think it was.

Love the base clouds.
but something is bugging me about the clouds ontop, cant put my finger on it though…

mabye they are too thick too much? im not sure…


Wow, great work. I like it! :thumbsup:


Well Done :thumbsup:

Great Lighting :slight_smile:


i like the image very much !
so so so fantasy !!!


Wow, this piece is fantastic. When I first saw it the first thing that came to mind was LOTR before I read your description. Other than “everything” what I really like is how you have the clouds coming off of the top of the piece as if to show it will be covered up eventually…very nice.


tbh, viewing a picture like this does give me that wonder, if there is a heaven n all that, because id love to go live in some of these worlds…

Very rivendale, i like it alot 5/5

Ah what the heck, i think ill watch the final one today again… i have the 12 disc trilogy… gota love box sets (im one of those people who loves the dvd extras for CG/fantasy movies, sometimes, more than the film itself)