Above The Clouds, Tuomas Korpi (2D)


wow,what a view!..really nice use of subtle color in the sky & clouds…top shelf!


very nice illustration :thumbsup: i like it~!


Great illustration. Nice concept, perspective & composition. Bravo !


Great work! I’ve always been a fan of scale and you certainly had some fun with that. Angle, contrast and lighting are also right on. Keep 'em coming!


Wow, this is breathtaking. Awesome work! Congratulations on getting the cgp front page it is well deserved. :slight_smile:


Love the perspective and the details in the floating structures… it has a very Chris Foss feel to me.


Really awesome work .Nice Concept of SCi Fi


Good work! :thumbsup:


Wonderful work! I absolutely love this!!

One question if I may:

On the structures you have what look like panels. I was wondering if you could spare the time to show how you add that detailing?

I assume you use a pattern and then skew it or liquefy it in PS?

Again Great work! Thanks for sharing with us!

Here’s what I mean:


Fantastic colours. I really like the decorative motives on the stations, It gives us some insight into the people who made these grand structures and gives the piece oodles of creative flare :smiley:


This is one of the most beautiful paintings I’ve ever seen.


stunning work,i love the clouds…


love this, great mini bespins concept!


Looks great Tuomas! Especially loving those tiny details that u added those towers and perspective really feels. :slight_smile:


Cool . very nice and i like it


great composition, great colour.
somehow I love the bottom half better. :smiley:


Hey I love the nouveau touches to the design, reminds me of space dock in star trek 3! love the clouds and atmosphere too :slight_smile:


excellent job, congratulations!


Love it, great work!


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