Above The Clouds, Tuomas Korpi (2D)


Great perspective :beer: ,beautiful work !
I love the colors .


This is Beautiful! amazing work, fantastic composition, looks like a piece from Roger Dean but ah i love it


Just as mustan9 said, this piece also reminds me the great sci fi book cover art of the seventies, the style and colour and brush stokes, it’s stunning.


Nice work!
I really like your concept and model. :applause:


nice one! i really like the vast perspective, that really adds to the picture! :slight_smile:


LOVE this! :slight_smile:

G x


Love the natural, soothing lighting and colour scheme which contrast nicely with the sci-fi subject. Great work.


I love the perspective and lighting on this piece, but the composition could be stronger. The two platforms in the foreground are competing for dominance, and the rear one seems too close, too. But the render quality and drama of the angle almost make up for it. Nice work.


Stunning … !


nice work man bravo, if only i was born 2000 yrs from now…lololol seriously


Love the dynamic perspective. Great work! Really inspiring:applause:


Pretty cool artwork !

I can imagine the fun you had doing this piece :wink: I just miss that fun lately.
Yeah, clouds are always a challenge, at least for me they are. They came out great, I like a lot that design printed on the towers, really cool.

Congratulations !


Amazing depth, I love this. The lack of objects close to the viewer makes me long to fall into the image all the more.


amazing composition!


very nice perspective.


very nice perspective!


Hey there

Nice image, I love the grey tones and composition-



Really nice perspective!


Very good work Korpi!


Simply amazing work, very well done!
thumbs up!

GrtZ, Tim