Above The Clouds, Tuomas Korpi (2D)


Title: Above The Clouds
Name: Tuomas Korpi
Country: Finland
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

The shape of a nearby Lauttasaari watertower, sky city of Star Wars and some oriental patterns inspired me with new sci-fi painting.

I started with 3dsmax by doing a simple lathe object and rendering the basic guidelines for perpective. I then started to sketch the overall mood, palette and atmosphere and after that it was mainly just straight forward painting it all in detail. I had a lot of fun with all the small details, windows, vents, little leakings, markings on the surcafe and especially with light. Finetuning the cloud tones was again an interesting challenge, and I think it turned out fine.

Feel free to throw comments and critique :slight_smile:


Hello Tuomas,

I really like this. I voted you a thumbs up ;)

I like fantasy Sci-Fi painting especially ones with such emotion and feeling as this.
the subtle light reflecting off of the structures is done very well. and the loosely painted clouds are very nice too. 
If I had to critique something in this picture It would be the stream of spaceships,
there very nice but the ships at the furthest distance should receive a drop in black levels and adopt the blue-gray tint levels of structure in that area.

but its only a small critique, because I love this picture. haha:applause: :)

Hope too see more of your work soon.



OMG ! very nice illustration !:thumbsup:


Wonderful concept !
I love that perspective and colors :thumbsup:


Great job! Love idea and style, structures looking awesome;)


That is amazing, the prespective is outstanding.

keep the good work


Excellent work



Great work!


This is really outstanding. Great work!


Excellence at its best, congrats on the well deserved front page…


Tuomas, excellent and inspiring artwork! I’m into similar kind of illustrations myself and am always happy to see such a nice piece of artwork by a fellow artist - it definitely helps me to “recharge” my own creative “batteries”.
Keep up the good work!


Yes, very good perspective, very good work. :thumbsup:


beautiful work :cool:


Great concept, excellent execution :thumbsup:


love it!

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Very nice! Perspective and compostion is great. :thumbsup:


Agreed, awesome painting :slight_smile:


That looks great. Has that 70’s style feel to it which my favorite artistic style of sci-fi illustrations.


Really nice. My only critique is that I’d expect to see more ships around the base, instead of just a couple ships in a single group. Otherwise, it’s an excellent piece, I especially like the painterly clouds.

  • Neil


good job! Loving the palette.