Above & Beyond - Vehicle - Baal


Hi guys! I’ve been really impressed by the recent works on this forum, especially during the Beast of Burden contest, so I decided I would enter this month’s contest.

So here are my first sketchs on what I plan to work on.

Overall sketch…

…details on the back part

That’s it!


The bottom part did not really allowed me to put much details in it so I thought I might give it a second try, so after some more work (:wip: :wip: ), here’s what I came with. I prefer this one alot more. (I am keeping the top with the balloon tho)

Oh and yes, I know I have some perspective problem with the stairs/ladder but I’ll figure out something :arteest:


Started modelling the engine, done with the balloon but I’ll show it only with the engine attached (I still haven’t figured out how I’ll do that tho).

The engine…

The engine is caged into that round tube made from old metal plates to protect it against birds: you never know when they’ll feel like they’d cut a few cables!


good stuff! Keep working at it!


nice modeling
but I think I had seen this idea or a close one to ur concept but I don’t remember his name


Originally posted by dodo3d
but I think I had seen this idea or a close one to ur concept but I don’t remember his name

mmmm, don’t know if it reminds you anything but I actually designed the sketchs before seeing any of the work (I was cut of Internet for nearly 3 days - thanks to the vandalism that was done on the optic cable of my ISP). Well, like we used to say in french: “Les grands esprits se rencontrent” !

Thanks for the comments too :slight_smile:

edit By the way, just let me know if you find the post where the idea is similar, I’d like to take a look! /edit


Here’s an update for you guys, worked on the way the engine is attached to the balloon and also tried some post prod tips (see fellah’s tutorial - great tips!)

Hope to see some comments and crits on theses parts!

Now… back to work ! :wip: :wip: :smiley:


Worked more on it tonight, so here’s where I am now:

Global angle:

And a closeup view on the platform:

I’m not sure wether I should keep the ‘ropes’ as they are right now or put something else, maybe tubes or chains… what do you think?


? how do you keep the engin from tipping ?


Errr, looks like my last 7-8 posts (yesterday’s) been deleted… so I repost these images (yesterday’s update)…

Added a weight to balance the balloon, it’s filled with heavy stuff such as sand and lead balls:

And here’s an update on the ropes:


Been working on how the pilot would steer that big engine, so here’s the system I came up with (very simple but effective)

There will be a rope coming in by each side (see the sketch for more info on where the ropes come) and wether you turn the wheel left or right, you will roll the cables around the small wheel in the center forcing the back flap [name?] to flip left or right.

Back to work! :wip:


çà se met bien en place :thumbsup:
c’est vrai que çà ressemblait un peu au vehicule de mikael p. au debut; plus maintenant :slight_smile:


Last update for today!

Details of the front platform (where you can drive the whole thing):

And a global view of the whole vehicle so far:

Comments and Crits are always appreciated!


Hem seems like my host is down, so no images in this thread until it is back up… shouldn’t be too long. If it’s not back before the next update, I’ll join my picture as an attachment! Sorry about that guys :surprised



Looks like it might fall like a rock though :slight_smile: I don’t know if that balloon? is big enough to support all the load.

but I think I had seen this idea or a close one to ur concept but I don’t remember his name

Your prolly thinking of Michael P’s entry. Similar.


btw… dont forget about balance and weight distribution :thumbsup:


Thanks visualboo, I was thinking about adding something else to help the whole thing float, because it is indeed becoming very heavy! I’ll work the balance once the whole thing is modeled (can’t be sure of anything yet, might as well be very well balanced in the end). I’ll probably make the balloon alot bigger tho, and maybe add some propelers under the bottom plateform to help the whole thing lift off!


Allright, tonight’s update! :wip:

Modeled the last plateform (which serve as a restroom for the voyager), the stair to get from the ‘piloting’ platform to this one and finally did the front aerodynamic device, which in the end makes my machine MUCH heavier :wink:

Comments and Crits are always welcome!


I thought I might send a render of the whole machine, so you get an idea of how everything comes togheter.

A huge render is also available:

cgtalk_baal_scene_huge_01.jpg (1600x1200, 165 ko)


There it goes, I’m done with the bottom part. I’m going to rework the whole balance (I know it’s HEAVILY unbalanced in the front part) and probably make that balloon alot bigger (since I don’t think it can lift anything in the air right now).

Comments and Critics are always welcome!