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I have about three or four ideas in my head and I’m trying out the ones with some chance of surviving after sketching.

So here’s a 5 min’s scribble for the first one. It’s four mice travelling in a can of Cambell’s soup with a tealight in it and a shopping bag for a hot air balloon. I have to check that Andy Warhol thing for a ref :wink:
For a ref of a mouse I have more than enough running around here (yuk).
What I don’t like is the Stuart Little feeling about it. Not very original maybe… The lighting could be very interesting on the other hand, with a lightsource in the center of the piece.


Here’s a hamster using a pair of dirty underpants for a parachute.
A strange use of color might be interesting, yet rather disgusting…


man,… you are stylemonster…hehe:p

Like both,…but the hamster is my favorite. Looks like Homer´s panty.:thumbsup:

Laterz dude

Tommy Lee


A combination of the two might be cool…like if it’s a family sized can of coffee, they’re all hamsters taking it up to engage in extreme sports underpants jumping…maybe it’d have to be made of mountain dew cans then :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice Start. I wasn’t sure if I was going to do this one, but you’ve sparked something for me. No worries, I won’t copy. I think the first one is great for a start. Maybe if in the image you could show the land below in a large portion of the image it would look real nice.


Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Remember these are just for fastly kicking some ideas on paper. I haven’t decided what to do yet. Nor has the idea-train arrived at the station :wink:
If I make a choice, I will post a proper sketch with a decent composition etc.
Here’s another one… those propellors are made of egg-spoons.


btw, I honestly hope this is not what Leonard meant with “taking abuse of the attachement system”.
I myself always like to see what roads people walk before deciding what’s the best concept…


This dirty rat has nibbled of the wings of granny’s old parrot 'cause he wants to get airborn. Might be better with a camera angle from the back and the cachedoor open… light from the back (his front)… like the sky is all to be his etc… Maybe the remainings of the parrot laying at the bottom of the pic… Maybe more Tommy Lee’s kind of thing LOL

“This parrot is dead! It is a late parrot!”


Sketch is still just for concept.

Now a friend of mine, who is a 40 year old grownup, has the hobby of making waterrockets. He fills a lemonade bottle for 50% with water, uses a bicyclepump to get a lot of air in it, and when the pressure gets high enough, off it goes.
Whatabout the same principle, but with a big watercooler bottle tied to his back?


haha… cool idea. He’s all like up up and awayyyy!


now that’s funny and plenty of potential bad accidents…for some reason I think I need to go watch Wallace and Gromit fly to the moon now. Have you switched to painter for these sketches?

BTW, I don’t think it’s thread abuse, I like to see the road people take to the end picture.



Yeah!!! A grand day out!!!
Check out http://www.aardman.com for more Wallace & Grommit… new ones are made as we speak!

Yes, this is Painter Classic. It has a nice sketchy feeling for the scribbles. And I’m experimenting with new ways and directions :wink:


Someone’s been busy. :slight_smile:
These are all great ideas. I think I like the waterbottle and rat ones best. Although the rat is just disgusting … hehehehe. Definately something I would have expected to see from Tommy Lee.


Wow, ideas a poppin’…cool stuff! I definitely dig the water rocket idea, it’s the right kinda crazy. I used to love playing with those, too. Maybe have the pumps strapped to the guy too, so he could be self-contained…or try and repressurize before hitting the ground again :smiley: Hmm, what if it were a big beer keg? Can get a lot of pressure in there. At any rate I’m sure there’d be alcohol involved :beer:

I think ‘the process’ is important too, and especially here in the challenges I think that’s their goal to show it evolve…


Thanks Kirt, I like to spray out lots of ideas before I start something, just to make sure I can choose from everything my mind comes up with. I hate it when halfway I get a better idea… These are all under 10 min sketches. So not that much work…

Originally posted by hypercube
…what if it were a big beer keg? …

Beer is for drinking. That is what we here in Holland would call “alcohol abuse” :shame:
Cheers, jeroentje :beer:


A happy gardener.


haha… that made me think of another point about the rules. Does this thing have to actually work? I mean does it have to “look” like it would work? Because obviously a shovel isn’t gonna get that kid off the ground. :slight_smile:

Just wondering cause I was thinking of a gas powered flying toilet :smiley: and well you get the idea.


Visualboo; who cares?! Have some fun!

Take off in …5 …4 …3 …2 …


Visualboo; who cares?! Have some fun!

wow… thanks for that “there ARE trees outside, and SUNLIGHT” check. Sometimes you just need those :smiley:

good call btw


Don’t understand a word you typed there Visualboo, but I take that as a compliment :smiley:
This is the last one for now. I’ll let them rest now and let them sink in for a while…

Here’s “OJ’s surprise”: