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Welcome to CGS if it is your first time here or first time posting this is
a place to post your name your art and any social links you would like
to share and get to know other users

Thanks for taking the time to post and say Hi to others as well to
make them feel welcome



Hi everyone!


Hi! I’m Andrew and I’m trying myself as a graphics artist.


hello this is my first time on here I hope to see what it’s like. I hope you guys check out my drawings


Hi Everyone i am Zoe Parkinson, a traditional Artist from Knutsford.


Hello everyone, My name is Kelsey. I am a current Student at Full Sail, and I will be doing my best to become a computer animator in hopes to animate my book.


Hi everyone! My name is Francesco Baldini and I’ma 3D Artist from Italy, nice to know all of you!

If you want to see my art I leave here the link to my first artwork I’m finally little proud of: