about the AMD athlon 64x2 4600+


hi guys .i just got the AMD athlon 64x2 dual core processor 4600+
i noticed when i right click my coputer icon and the the properties tap that it work wit only 2.41 GHz (as shown in the attchement)
is that normal!! i think its too low!!
or it’s 2.41 for each core?
am not really into that stuff …so please help me and tell me what do you think of it


Yes the CPU speed for a X2 4600 is 2.4 Ghtz.

The series number ( i.e. “4600” in this case) on modern CPUs bear little if no relation to the CPU speed. The most you can expect is that higher series numbers within the same brand & class of CPU have better performance (usually either thru Ghtz or bigger cache) .


The psuedo numbers were invented because megahertz/gigahertz no longer has any sort of linear relationship with performance. The only time the actual megahertz/gigahertz can be used to compare performance between two processors is when they are from the exact same family (same cache, same architecture, same revision/u).

ie, a 4 gigahertz Pentium IV is not necessarily faster then a 2 gigahertz core2duo.


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