About my Book



Well just before siggraph, it seems BArnes and Noble screwed up a littel and announced my book a little prematurely :wink: I feel now that its announced its time I cleared up somethings and shared a little info.

Sure enough, its now available for preorder at most the large online bookstores. The title is Cinema 4D R9: Character Design and Animation. The current image is highly innaccurate, it will not be RX, that was done during early pitching before R9 could be mentioned. As well it will not be purple or have the moose on it, here is the image that will be used in the catalogues and such, the image will change slightly in terms of pose and lighting for the final cover, but this should easily be indentifiable with the final cover image.

for those interested a highres imae can be found at www.lucentdreams.net/coverHI.jpg

The book is aimed at Intermedite to Advanced users, focusing particularily on Character Animation. There are fifteen Chapters, I will see about permission to list the chapters specifically. Basically the first chapter is a summary and glance of the new R9 features, what and where they are, not how to use them. Then you have 14 chapters covering everything from preproduction to rendering out a final aniamtion, covering the modeling texturing, rigging and animation of two characters in an environment using a script, voice recordings, and storyboard.

The book is slated for early to mid november. Retail price is 49.99 but many stores are offering sales particularily for pre-orders. It comes with a goodies CD loaded with great stuff including the freeware version of Vreel and Arndt’s Translucency plugin.


Looks great, two cool themes in one book : R9 and character animation.

Can’t wait to get my fingers on that one! :slight_smile:

Love the cover, nice use of Pyro (the character is a bit static, though).


souds cool, im currently doing the NAAM CA in Adam Watkins R8 Book, is it gonna be in any way similar to that?


Nice cover… reminds me the upcoming “The incredibles” movie…

As Fluffy said, two great themes in a single book… I’ll take a look at it for sure.


Beautiful image there KAi.

I presume the cape in fluttering in the wind with the new cloth tools.


good luck with this kai…:thumbsup:


now that mocca has been improved I think I’ll give animation a go, and If I get stuck with the manuals i’ll buy a copy of this I reckon :slight_smile:


Hey Kai, I didn’t know you’d written a book! Cheers and well done :beer:


The fact that PoseMixer hasn’t been improved is still highly disappointing and is likely to limit your character animations. Here’s hoping that Eago updates EMorpher to work with R9, assuming that it doesn’t already.


whats wrong with posemixer?


According to Srek, PoseMixer still needs a complete copy of the mesh for each morph target. That makes complex facial animations based on morphs prohibitively expensive. By contrast, EMorpher only needs to keep track of the points that have been changed, which is much more memory efficient.

Just tested Emorpher in the R9 demo. It seems to work fine, but I’m not sure if that’s because I still have it installed and registered under 8.5. Plus, I’m not sure if the physical appearance of a R9 serial instead of a R8 one might make Emorpher freak out.


ahh - i see, might have to look into EMorpher then sometime soon


R9 looks like such a great upgrade that it’s hard to see how this feature flaw missed an upgrade. This is one crucial feature that should have been tackled head on, provided that Maxon expects C4D to be used for more commercial character animation work. No disrespect to Maxon, of course.

On the actual topic, I’m looking forward to Kai’s book too. It’s good to see a C4D book that actually goes beyond the manual. Kai knows hist stuff and that alone has me jazzed.


You put the finger on the one flaw in Posemixer, for sure, but I have to say that compared to Emorpher, the one advantage that Posemixer has is to allow a complete morph of bone hierarchy - quite useful for morphing of the hands or other rig-based morphs.

Personnaly, I do with both, and for 60$ (40$ for emorpher alone), Emorpher is a great tool for the moment - saved me a lot of time and money too - got my bucks back in one job.

We just have to hope that Maxon will implement that PLA track morph system into the next update :slight_smile:


Kai best of luck with the book , but i have a crit.

the characters pose is so rigid and expressionless. I know you could do better than that since you know what exaggeration , dynamic poses and such. right now it looks like a default rest pose.

I think you can push it a bit and it’ll look much better.


I agree that the cover deserves a more dynamic pose. Sounds like Kai may already be planning for it though.

Hopefully by the time the book is out I will be at the “intermediate” level with C4D, and can pick it up :thumbsup:


I would definitely love to have Posemixer work on changed points only, but it actually has been improved quite a bit in R9. It’s a tag now instead of an object. That means you can use multiple PMs in a heirarchy without recursion problems, and it’s also no longer critical to have the poses in the exact same place and heirarchical structure as the morphed geometry. May not sound like much but in procution it’s a pretty big deal. Also, unlike Emorpher PM can morph bone poses and multiple objects (like morphing teeth objects to match a head object). But yeah, there’s still room for improvement. Crossing my fingers for 9.x…

And so as not to steal Kai’s thread entirely, I’m quite looking forward to his book. Rumor has it that the CD contains this wonderful dog model. :slight_smile:


Congrats on ya book:beer:



cool, would be awesome test for spd fur, a very dense noise or something


Cool, looking forward to the book.

One slight crit on the cover though, to me the C4D logo sphere looks kinda flat or just too bright, and could have been better composited into the image maybe. Did you get the original model from Maxon ?