About laser attachment to 3D printer



I am thinking to add a laser attachment to my 3D printer.
Did anyone have experience with them?! How difficult is to connect and mount them? Is any special software required?

I saw a lot of cheap units on Ebay (Chinese mostly) but I am not sure about their quality.

Checked Endurance lasers web site and it seems like that guys offer pretty good variations.
Did anyone try them?

Thank you?

–Kate alla Tsuba


Technically it is not a big problem. The problems start once you use it. Lasers need a good exhaust or filtering system, otherwise you will be breathing carcinogenic (and smelly) smoke.
If you want a 3D printer that can also be used as a laser cutter or engraver you should have it in an airthight enclosure (like all laser cutters have) with a fan exhaust that pushes the air outside of your house. Filtersystems that allow you to use only room air are bulky and expensive.
Personaly i would go for a dedicated laser cuttter, they are not expensive these days and usually offer a much larger working area than any affordable printer.