About face tracking in Nuke


I have a question and hope someone can help me.
I’ve been using Nuke for compositing for a while and now I need to help one of my friend to do a shot involving face tracking(Not sure). I need to make a normal guy fat but I am not sure how to do that in nuke. I know a way to do that in After Effects which is tracking the face of the guy (2D tracking) and then apply a warp(or liquify) effect on it to make the face bulged and fat but is there a way to do that in Nuke? And what else should I take care of when we shooting this shot? Is that ok if the to-be-fat guy have some kind of face rotate?


you can do it pretty much the same way like in ae… track the face and then use a spline- or gridwarp to warp the face the way you want… if the guy is rotating his head you might be better off with a planar track to make sure it exactly sticks to where it belongs :slight_smile:


Thanks but how is the effects? Is this a possible way to make it believable?


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