about dvd silo kurstudios


Anybody knows the date to can buy the dvd about silo of kurvstudios???..

thanks again


Today. Go for it, I just did. mokba





Im thinking of getting it…hmmm…


You guys beat me to it… thanks guys!

Glen announced it here, http://www.kurvstudios.com/forum/showthread.php?t=775 and you can find more information at http://www.kurvstudios.com/nevercenter_silo/

Any questions, let us know okay!


Awww hell yeah! :slight_smile: Good thing payday is tomorrow! I’m definatly picking this title up…good work guys. :smiley:


I ordered mine a few days ago…really looking forward to it!


I am going through the tutorial this weekend, and it is VERY in depth, covering all the buttons and creating custom UI. …just now starting on the box modeling.

I intend for pmg messiah to have you create some DVDs as in depth as this.

Thanks KURV!


Yes, it’s a great DVD. I purchased it for the topology brush video alone and was happy to see the rest of it was money well spent too! :slight_smile: Glen’s the man.


Overall, this is really good value for a beginner (like me). You get Glen ‘warts and all’ … he makes plenty of little mistakes which he rectifies. I actually like that in an instructional situation, as it takes a lot of the mystery out of a program. And when you see a master go repeatedly into the wrong tool menu looking for something that isn’t there before having an aHa! moment, it makes you feel better about your own initial stumbles. The pace is relentlessly fast but, again, since you can go back repeatedly to view any section, this means he crams an awful lot of info into a generous 9.5 hours of tuition.

Glen does get a bit ‘click-happy’ on occasion, whizzing between dropdown menus and making micro adjustments to the view of the mesh whilst he gets the next bit of script straight in his head, and I did find that a bit distracting sometimes. There’s also a lot of mike noise. It’s also a bit weird that Kurv changed Glen’s surname on the dvd itself (Glen Stephens … who he?).

Ultra-smooth professional presentation? No. Ultra-useful, hands on masterclass in Silo? Hell yeh.


How long did the dvd take to arrive, once it was ordered?


6 working days for me in the UK…


I got the same impression from the “Get into ZBrush” DVD as well.

I decided to call them “conversational tutorials” because it’s more like him sitting there in a non-formal environment describing how the software works. There doesn’t seem to be a lesson plan that’s being followed.

Whether this is good or bad I’d imagine depends on how you like to be taught…

You do notice that mistakes are made or sometimes things are done that may not be the most optimized but ultimately there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, if you feel something should have been done differently that’s a good indication of your mastery of the program in that area - good for you! :wink:

I have to say I felt Gnomon’s ZBrush tuts were more structured and they covered more but in fairness, Gnomon’s ZBrush tuts are on >2 discs< so there was room to cover more.

My only real complaints about the Kurv disc is:

  1. The volume level is WAY TOO LOW - I have to crank up all my volume sliders just to hear what’s being said and I usually have to include >headphones< to help kill any background noises in the room.

This unfortunately leads to my brains being blown out if I get a system beep for one reason or another. :sad:

Please, Glen, Kurv, use some kind of post processing on your audio tracks - #1 being a compressor pass. You may also want to normalize the audio to bring it up to the max first, then apply compression. Soundforge is a must have app when doing A/V tutorials IMO.

  1. The DVD is very "soft" - it wouldn’t play in my computer’s drive at work.

It plays on my laptop’s DVD drive so I was lucky but sometimes it’ll hang requiring me to kill and restart the lesson over again. Perhaps a different brand of media or different encoding settings - perhaps I just got a marginal disc?..

Other than that, I appreciate the time taken and the information provided. I edit videos and produce DVDs as well so I can appreciate the effort involved in getting these discs out to people. :thumbsup:

I’ve always been an avid book reader and (besides the discs I got with my XSI Fnd purchase), these are the first two tutorial discs (Gnomon’s and Kurv’s) I’ve ever purchased.

I’m getting the feeling that books may one day succumb to tutorials like these. Pictures are worth a thousand words as they say…

So while I’ve always preferred a nice heavy book in my hand, perhaps video tuts are becoming the wave of the future - I guess time will tell. :wink:



WillBellJr, please email me at kurv@kurvstudios.com and we will get your disk replaced. Sounds like you got one that has a low volume issue. We got that corrected.

We would be more than happy to get you a new DVD.

We have also never heard of anyone having a hard time playing the disk… hopefully the new disk will fix that.

You can also post any questions for support here and Glen will help you out.



Thanks for the info!


Thanks Kurv, for the help - I’ll email you as requested. I don’t really have any questions - I enjoyed the lecture; I’m finn’n to order the Silo disc next… :wink:

I’m just hoping the audio won’t be so low on the Silo disc.



Nope it is perfect and the ZBrush is fixed as well…


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