About Displacement Painting in Silo 2


It looks great but how easy will it be to render in other packages ?
I’m asking because right now my Zbrush/Lightwave pipeline is not so “user friendly”.
And what about other pics or videos ? Some visual teasing would be nice ! :slight_smile:


I’m guessing your issues with ZB and Lightwave have to do with the 16 bit displacement maps from ZB right? Pixologic has a new plug-in that will export an 8bit map now, so that may help you out.

But hopefully in Silo 2.0 they will have 8bit, 16bit, and 32bit displacement and normal map output settings. Would be very, very helpful.


I haven’t tried this new plugin yet, i’ll give it a try asap. :slight_smile:

I really want to point out the importance of an easy workflow, displacement maps seem great but if you can’t render them, they’re useless. Anyway i’m sure the nevercenter team will do something good, I’m just impatient and curious.


I think the Modo/Lightwave pipeline might be a little smoother that the ZB/LW pipeline you have now.


we’ll see, I have an eye on Modo’s painting options too. :slight_smile: very exciting times for us 3D lovers.


LW9 is supposed to work smoothly with ZB with displacement and Normal mapping.

When I first heard about Silo’s coming displacement painting (6 months or more ago) Nevercenter said the displacement info would be exported in the object file (not necessarily .obj) as well as a bitmap export. Whether this means they are writing plugins for all the major apps to import this data I have no idea, interesting thought though!


Workflow between applications requires development on both applications. One platform needs a good exporter, the other, a good importer. When they don’t line up, I personally feel the application on the Import end is to blame. Which is to say, there’s nothing Nevercenter can do about your workflow once you’re in Lightwave.

I mean, it’s great that ZBrush now exports to every set of rules imaginable, but I kinda wish they had instead released whitepapers dictating one formal standard (while they were still in a position to do so), and simply waited for the industry to catch up.

Ah well.


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