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Hi all,

I’m new in here and new in using mac,I want to buy a powerbook to learn mac os and work on Maya. But I’m not sure whether i should wait for a intel-based powerbook(it…should be,i think) or just buy a G4 pb. I’ll just do very little render work on it.So which should i look for.

Besides how many ram should i use(I’m just learning Maya)

Any one can talk about it?Thx!!!


You can find good deals on used PBs on ebay. I got mine there because I didn’t want to pay Apple’s sticker price. I would buy a PB now and not worry about the x86 conversion. Its a null point really since they won’t be coming out for a couple years still, the laptops will mostly likely be Pentium M’s (which performed so so with maya when I still had my centrino laptop), and for the first couple years after the switch, all software for OSX will run on both PowerPC/x86 platforms. Get it now, get used to OSX and Maya. By the time the x86 machines roll out, you will probably be ready for something more powerful. :smiley:


I agree with Sieb,
I use my pBook 12" when I’m out and about, mainly for small bits of modeling or animation and it handles great. But when it comes to rendering/texturing etc, I feel better on my G5.
So start small, I suggest a 15" pBook as the 17" is a bit hard to handle and the 12" I feel is an accessory to something better :wink:

Then you can make a valid decission when the time comes to bow our heads and be processed into x86 PC half breeds :stuck_out_tongue:
Can’t wait. The Opportunities are endless.



Thanks for input!!

I’m recently using my old pc with only 512mb ram and a gf4 mx card. I want to add more ram and buy a gfx card and just looking for another 1.5g ram and a second hand ex-gen wildcat.

Is it good for me??(low budget and gaming is not so important for me)


I have a G5 for my main work, which I wouldn’t swap for anything (apart from a newer G5), I also have a pBook for outing and abouting which it’s great for. BUT, I also have a MacMini that I use for various things like media center, network rendering and backing up important files etc…

However I once had to use it for a week or so while I was staying away from home and it handled maya very well! It’s not the best thing for rendering on, however you could link it to your old PC for network rendering anyway. This might/might not be a way to go for you as they are super cheap and pritty handy and when you have the money to get a better system you always have it there as a render node.,

Just a thought.


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