ABC Robot, Paulo César Duarte (3D)


Title: ABC Robot
Name: Paulo César Duarte
Country: Brazil
Software: Photoshop, XSI

This modeling was for the Hardcore Modeling of cgtalk Challenge, which the sucject was robots, then i choose the ABC robot from Judge Dredd. Unfortunately I not finish on time because some freelancer work, but little by little I was finished, and then decided to make the textures too. The work was all done using XSI and Photoshop.

Paulo C. Duarte


Good work. Specially with the the texturing and lighting. The only thing that bothers me is that you change the design and the proportions of it. Feels like a different character, less menacing.

Either way good effort!


Thanks for the comment, I basically followed the proportions of images found on google, like this:

Some more images:

Paulo C. Duarte


wow…love texture…


Don’t get me wrong. Your work is very very good. The only thing is that you altered the design. Basically you shrunk down it’s anime proportions to more human ones.

  • Yours have smaller biceps.
  • Smaller hands.
  • Shorter legs,
  • Smaller feet

All I am saying is that if you were trying to replicate it, still needs adjustment. If it’s your own take then cool. Either way is a very good piece of work.




The texturing on this is fantastic.


Nice to meet you here too. I just told you on DA: awesome texturing work!


the texturing is great, as well as rendering
5 *s :thumbsup:


The head is too big compared to the body if you’re making it like the movie. The likeness and texturing is great. Judge Dredd would be proud.


Good design. character is good



Great job, loved the details and texture! Congratulations! :slight_smile:




[left]Thanks for the comments, I am doing an turntable and I will post soon.

Flávio, nice you appear here, cheers



Cool work and cartoon style! Great texture work!


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