Abandoned Shack


So I am in the process (still) of creating an abandoned looking shack for a survival game in Unity. Anywho, I’ve finished blocking out pretty much all of it, however I feel it is missing something. Or something just doesn’t seem right. I’m not sure if that’ll get fixed later with texturing?
Feedback would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Oh and, it’s a pleasure to meet you all, looking forward to my stay here :slight_smile:



Well from what I see, you have a good base, and it all looks proportional, but you just have some walls, and that shack is made out of logs, you could extrude parts of your walls at the ends outward to sort of simulate the logs. Or if you want to go the extra mile, redo the walls with some wooden planks and such. Best of luck!


Is the top left the final. If that is the final wtf thats nice. I like the design of the low poly game modeling although most games can do more like high poly for buildings. I like the model and I think you should do the panels all separately on top or the side modeled on the sides it makes for a greater physics model.


Haha I hope by final you mean if that’s what I’m aiming to achieve right? Definitely not my design :stuck_out_tongue: But yes I think it’s a rather cozy shack :slight_smile:
Aye thanks I shall have a look at it :slight_smile:

-Cheers for the feedback!


Aye thanks I thought it looked a bit flat :slight_smile: Wasn’t sure whether to texture them in and go for some crazy bump mapping (cause I’m aiming for a low poly model), or try doing them separately :slight_smile: I’ll give the extrude option a quick try :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for the reply :smiley:


You should use maxwell render for the grass and make a nice render of it for everyone if you are wanting to sell it. Also, the picture yes the final as in that picture is the model. lol. I dont know what to expect on websites like this.

Here For Textures. CGTextures.com/ .

The grass model can be flat. The tall grass needs to be modeled though and everything else. Its a bitch. Thats 3d CG For You The.

Stain the texturing on the building with this.

Textures for Building.


Yeah that would be nice. Presentation is everything after all :wink:
Haha yeah no I get you, there is some pretty good stuff on this site!

Although I wouldn’t mind modelling absolutely everything, I have a very limited polycount for this because the engine I wish to export it into is rather shoddy (but free!)


So here is my latest version of this:


Alas I am now in the texturing stages :slight_smile:


So is it just me, or does the roof seem a bit… weird?
I feel it needs bump mapping or something? Can you even bump map in Unity?


The modeling is nice.

Picture shows panels on roof overlapping eachother.


If your willing to try the engine, I bet it could handle it, make actual planks for the roof, because the texture is all mixed around and not touching the edges of the other face of the roof properly, I my self am no texture artist, but you could make a texture map specifically for the roof, or just take the couple extra minutes to puts some actual planks up there.


Good idea, I think I’ll just do individual planks, and then for the moss I’ll throw an alpha channel plane with a png on it so that I don’t have to try and match up each plank :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve balanced the textures out a bit more using levels in photoshop, and added some moss and a bit more geometry to the roof, as well as the textures for the log walls :slight_smile:


Looking better and better, keep us updated!


Here is my latest update :slight_smile: I’ve been busy lately so the progress is slow, but it’s coming along.

Still to come: Detailing the inner walls, fixing the back door texture.


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