Abandoned Cathedral, Geoffrey White (3D)


Title: Abandoned Cathedral
Name: Geoffrey White
Country: USA
Software: Maya

My inspiration for this piece was the cathedrals of the middle ages. To give the image something unusual I made the cathedral dark and hellish which contrasts to the uplifting feel of most cathedrals. For a little extra level of detail I added some vines and dead grass to the for-ground.


It’s massive! Amazing scene friend. Love the light. Gongrats.


i agree it’s a really massive feeling in this scene ! lightning is really great !


good scene, can’t understand why the near pillar is toned redish, but other than that its really good!


Ver nice mood, I like the modeling a lot, the texture maybe improved a bit (some areas look a little strange) and the vines on the ground look unnatural a lot, so it may be better without them… Overall a great job 4*


so so so greaaaaat !!! job…i love the lighting…and textures.:thumbsup:
wish you the best…:slight_smile:
5 stars


the top half and the pillars look good but the floor and the stuff scattered around really let it down for me. It looks like not much thought has gone into it, and almost like they were comped in in PS due to some of them not having shadows,


Really nice work here, very good ambiance. Just a little problem with a break column in the background…it seems flying…in the left corner. And to finish i think you can work more on the skull’s lighting to emphazise it ! Great point of view too .


nicely done, great mood


Thanks for the response everyone. I made this image two years ago for the spectacular contest here at cgtalk. The biggest suggestion I get from my friends is the broken column in the background and the problem I have with it is the textures could stand some improvement. I’m suprised by how many views this image has gotten, if it keeps doing well I may consider revisiting it. Thanks again for alll the suggestions.


Very nice!!
The warm color is the whole point of appearance.
If atmosphere again a little bit heavy personal felling will be better!
Hi ! just the oneself thinks so…


This image is great. Good pov and
lighting. I really like the atmosphere
of your render.
Good lighting and textures. Keep it up!


Amazing!! :applause: really nice sens of depth, it looks huge :thumbsup:
atmosphere, texturing and lighting are top notch!


great!!:thumbsup:…love the light and texture…would like to see also the wireframe:)


Yes the lighting is wonderful, almost Vue :.) I agree with the bottom textures compared to the upper ones, maybe something for the re-visit, awesome overall.


Here’s a wireframe of it the background stuff is pretty low poly but the foreground is excesively high because I exported it directly from zbrush. I would have made normal or displacement maps, but if I do a normal map maya won’t let me do a bump map. Displacement maps are good but they take a long time to render, so I find just having direct polys works easier.


Great job! I love the aspect ratio–really gives a sense of height.


Great work! I like it atmosphere Very nice modeling!
but vines & grass maybe need just a little bit Occ on the floor & broken column in the air not on the floor (near stained glass window, left side) maybe i am wrong :slight_smile:
However **** from me



Architectural warning: if there were a pillar off, like in your image, half of the cathedral would probably have collapsed… :shrug:
Despite it, your image is just great!


Awesome work! :thumbsup: