Abandoned Air Harbour, Simple-screen (3D)


After all the comments i recieved it would have been i shame to leave it like this, so i made some updates :slight_smile:

here is the new image:

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hi, all!
this is my first post here, although i’m reading this great forum from a couple of years…

this is something i’m was doing at home at my free time and wanted to submit for the EXPOSE 2, but after a couple of sleepless nights in finishing it and last minute prepararions at 23.30 local time when i tried to upload it the balisticpublishing web site was down, and i couldn’t so, i guess i’ll wait for the 3rd edition…


That’s just fantastic, such amazing detail! Awsome texturing as well! How many Poly’s? Could we see a wire?


Yeah, good style and really worked in details, I like it.


I like the feeling of it…nice sunlite! :smiley:


that’s totally amazing. Really love it. Somehow it’s toyish, but in exactly the right sense. amazing textures.

love it.


i really like what youve got here… but i think the clouds should be a bit more vissible… its to white… mabey some holes in the cloud deck so you can see some land underneath… just a thought

looks very very nice though

great work


i love the concept. really nice execution. i wonder though if it wouldnt be aided by adding in some more harbor or dock-ish elements. right now it feels like the roof of an old building. any backstory on it?


i love it, the concept is very cool :drool: :applause: :thumbsup:


Really beautiful and sweeeeeet. Bravo.:applause:

Super e. Strahotni texturi. bravo.


I am speechless…

…must subscribe to post…wait for wire…updates…


ok, here is a wireframe :slight_smile:





…er, um…



no, there’s nothing wrong with it.
Excellent work!


Amazing work :applause:

Such detail, and great texturing too :beer:


Super b!

Great detai great texturing!

I love you man!:slight_smile:

Nothing to critic!

:drool: :drool: :drool:


10x guys! :slight_smile:


It’s reminding me at Final Fantasy 9 :slight_smile:

Good job


Sweet. Bit toy-like, but still very nice.


cool work man
nice modelling and render
good details
go on for the 3rd expose:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


It’s so simple but there is lot of details, great textures, very good design, lot of work. Very very good work, i love it :buttrock: