Aarrggh! I hate zbrush!


Its beyond fathomable! Its terrible and i hate the way it takes over my task bar and its stupid tutorials that presume you have lightning fast eyes that dash over the screen like a f****** cat! Ive just spent 2 hours watching them and i still dont know how to use it.

AaaAAAAAAArrrrghghhhghhh! :cry:

I never want to touch it again. …


Don’t be stupid, ZBrush is an awesome program, if you got the hang of it…

I strongly recommend you that you download the ZBrush Practical Manual ( and read through each lesson - That’s what I did and I really love the way ZBrush is working!

PS: Wrong Forum, eh? :wink:


there isnt a zbrush forum and im a maya user so this feels like home :slight_smile:

I realise that its a great program coz i can see what it can do but it seems soo alien, thanks for the link btw, I just needed to let off some steam, i feel like i just wasted 2 hours thats all.


Yeah, I know how you feel… ZBrush is very unlike other 3d Applications, but read through the Practical Manual and you’ll soon be in love with it!

The JS Rolhion Tutorials are great, I bet after completing these you’ll enjoy ZBrush - Have Fun!


cheers Thomas


Could someone post the link to these JS Rolhion tutorials? I’m trying to learn this crazy program, too. :eek:


Just download the Practical Manual from the link I’ve posted earlier - It’s all in there!



dudders ->

maybe that can interrest you.



thanks Popol, this guys work is making me drool and you guys have given me the boost i need to make zbrush work for me. Thanks


Don’t give up on Zscript tutorials, they are a great way to learn. Try slowing down the playback by adjusting Zscript : Replay Delay (try 500 to begin with) and optionaly setting Zscript : Repeat Show Actions to 2 or more.

Also remember you can press CTRL when the cursor hovers over an interface item to get the lowdown on its function.


I’ve tried the program and it’s just soooo unusual, I got kinda lost in it. It’s 3d, but w8 actually it’s2d, but it can be 3d. I tried the manual they gave for a download (posted a few posts up too) And I don’t get it, I followed it all. But if you deselect an object you can’t go back to edit, it’s just a 2d image all of a sudden. Anyway that’s how far I got. You make an object, do some displacement and after that it’s a 2d image with a 3d illusion or something. I got really confused, but I tried for like 3 or 4 full days and still didn’t get it. But I’m not a modeler and neither a texturer, so that might be it :smiley:


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