aaOcean - now available for R21 / S22


Hi all,
Some of you may know the aaOcean plugin - for ocean / sea surface creation. It’s been available for a while, but broke with the R21 update.

I’m pleased to say that, due to the voluntary work of Kent Barber, it’s been updated for R21 / S22 on both Windows and MacOS. I’ve also expanded the minimal documentation that was available.

Sorry for the slightly convoluted links - but if you visit:


you’ll find links to the plugin itself - and the updated documentation file.

Hope you enjoy it.


Big thanks to you and Kent for your work on this!


nice, is it good?


I think so : ) Like everything, it has it’s pros and cons.
If you are doing close up shots of ocean - then HOT4D or the in-beta xpOcean have more options and features. The issue is that they are deformer based, so they need a high polycount plane to really work well.

The advantage of aaOcean is that it has both a deformer component - and a shader component. That means you can use sub-poly rendertime displacement. That’s typically a better solution when you need to do big ocean vistas.