A zombie in the closet, Yaroslav Primachenko (3D)


Title: A zombie in the closet
Name: Yaroslav Primachenko
Country: Russia
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, ZBrush

His name is Franky, and he is a younger brother of the famous Frankenstein monster. A freak and an outcast, hated and despised by his own family for being a vegetarian and preferring broccoli to brains. Nobody ever wrote any books or shoot movies about him – his existence was a disgrace to all of his relatives. Well, there’s a skeleton in everyone’s closet, you know.


Very nice and funny … I really like it… and really appreciate you to present us this little freak!


This little guy is really great. Can’t be improved to be honest.


Awesome! Good work!


Excellent work. :bowdown:



Cute character! :wink:


that funny character , nice job , i like it :drool::scream:


this image is funny, very high quality too. :smiley:


Very well done and extremely good attention to detail. Good story too. Nothing to crit really, the simplistic background with just enough detail suits you character .


Cool character, nice design:thumbsup:


love the colors and the funny touch!


really excellent…as usual.


Funny picture, I like it. :thumbsup:


Great Work


wow !!! i love these colors :wink: 10/10


Franky looks very friendly, he certainly holds a character in himself


very nice work,nice textures and modeling!!


hehehehe very funny modeling i tlike it the textures & detalis is very good color

goodluck 4 ever :beer:


hahaha, cool character :thumbsup:


great stuff!