A Winter Rose (PS7 painting)


Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated, I want desparatly to improve critque of any kind welcomed. (the concept came from a photo in a newspaper)

thanks in advance


Amazing picture…such emotions filled in it…i salut you sir

there are several things that you can improve on, firstly i think that the the angle of her head does not line in with the angle of her body and is too flat…

the holes in the shields look like scribbles and need to be improved…and also the helmets too look too flat


Good stuff, but the main error i see is perspective. The foremost shield seems to be slanting. Seems like it’s leaning towards the camera, rather than being up close to it. Also the angle of her face seems off… like you should be able to see her right eye more… also that error with the soldiers i think… they seem to be blending in between profile drawing and 3/4th view :smiley:


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