A way to KILL a Maya rendering besides the escape key???


Does anyone know an effective way to kill a rendering, in the render view, other than hitting the escape key 340 times? It seems to me that there must be a simple way to do this or am I wrong. Any ideas would be much appreciated!

Thanks. Pascal3D



kill the task (try it)


Well, I don’t want to Maya, just the rendering so that I can continue working in Maya. I probably should have been a little bit more specific with my question. Ending the task or process closes out of Maya losing any unsaved data. Of course, you can save before starting up a render but how many times have we started a rendering and then thought “oh shit, i forgot to turn that one object on” or something like that. Then you have to kill maya, restart maya, and re-open the scene. What a pain in the balls! Anyway, I’m sure there’s a better way somehow.



Animation or still?
If animation then you just goto your batch render menu and cancel the render job. simple as that.



a still in the render view.


I encounter this problem as well. I hope someone has a simple solution, I’m still pretty new to maya.


what’s wrong with the esc key ? hitting it one time should be enough


sounds like you guys have a bigger problem. Hitting the esc key has always worked for me. Never been a big problem. there also might be a command you can type into the command line but you would have to hunt for it or just turn on echo all in the script editor and see what it says when you hit the esc key once.



Just hit ESC with 1 good tap and it should stop the rendering - although not instantly.

I know there is a delay if you are doing heavy stuff, so just sit tight and it will work !


If it’s a really scene with displacements and stuff I usually do a batch render then Render>Show Batch Render. You can kill mayabatch.exe with the task manager and you have the option to use more than one processor.


Hmmmm. That sounds like a smart idea. Thanks Tomb. I’ll try that next time.



Try sticking the maya batch render.
it isnt very hard to stop.
esspecially when you are useing mental ray for maya.
batch render opens up a dos window and doesnt have any thing to do with the maya app

sometimes when I am doing a big render I’ll mental render use the task manager to set priority to low then I can still do other stuff in maya no sweet no slowage


You could try to hold down the dreaded esc :slight_smile: (if hitting it a couple of times is not enough)


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