a way to create "curvature map" in 3ds max?


Is there a way to create or simulate a kind of procedural map, which represent curve of model polygons? I need a quick procedural mask texture for highlighting all hard edges and curves of my model. Vraydirt texture can act in that way, but for a limited degree - it behaving incorrectly when parts of model are intersecting or become too thin, and, basically, it’s still an ambient occlusion map.
Ideally, i’d like to have a texture with monochrome gradient, which will be darker to black if this part of mesh is concave and will be more lighter up to white if mesh is convex here (with grey in the middle when surface is perfectly flat). I hope you can understand what I’m talking about ^^"


Still don’t think it exists, but feel free to vote for it on the official adesk wishlist:


If a baked one is ok, you can check the “Render Surface Map” dialog under Rendering, the Cavity map and such may be what you need.

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Well, after some research, I found tis:

Still not ideal, because it bakes convex\concave information in vertexcolors, so if I want good map then I need to bake it from a turbosmoothed mesh with million or two polygons and make UV map for that… But it is still better than nothing, I guess.


Oh, if you’re fine with baking to a vertex map, I actually have a script for doing such a thing:


Check CornerEdgeToVertexMap. But yes, it has all the disadvantages of needing extra geometry if you need more map detail.

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