a vespid, kuan fu sun (3D)


Title: a vespid
Name: kuan fu sun
Country: China
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, ZBrush

Hellow everyone! It’s been nice to meet everybody. This is the first time that I come here.It took me about 30 days to finish and was done in 3dsmax9.0 ,zbrush3.1 ,and was compeleted at last in photoshop .I hope you’ll like it .


great! keep up the good work!


fantastic job and realism!

5 stars!


truly amazing!

5 stars :bowdown:


I think you have done a great job.


内地的朋友所作的CG 真好喔
English: Very Great job man…


Flawless work. This is one fantastic image. well done.


well done.i like the lighting and textures (:


Fantastic! how did you go about doing depth of field?


good started ,

amazing work he is reallty work i like it the textures very good work

good lcuk 4 ever :thumbsup:

5***** from me :bounce:


Beautiful render! I like it! :thumbsup:


stunning work :eek:
Fantastic render


Hello skfls,

All have been said … Great job on modeling, texturing and rendering :thumbsup:
I like it a lot ^^

Modeling Thread


excellent stuff.


Incredible sharpness and detail.


Nice image…very good attention to details. Congrats! :wink:


Awesome. I specially like the rendering, very nice use of the dof, but I like it all.

The eyes are great!


5 Stars


Great model and rendering! 50 days is a lot of time for this relatively simple scene, i think - but the end result is stunning! Some of the bodyparts looks a bit to glossy/specular to be realistic, but still awsome. Why this low resolution?


The eyes look really nice! As well as everything else :thumbsup:

Cant wait to see more!